Monday, December 23, 2013

Yr 7 Moving Onto Yr 8 :)

This year alone I've learnt a lot from other people and especially my teachers, as they guided me throughout the year. Thank you so much Mrs Nua and Mr Barks, you both have helped me a lot to stay on track and always try my hardest even when I feel that things are too hard. Same with my friends Cheyanne and Faa'ao, they both have helped me out too with a lot of different things. 2014 I know will be a big challenge, moving up a year and being a yr 8 you always have to be aware that what ever you do the little kids are watching you. So its best to be a role model. A special goal for me next year would have to be to aim high and get there as quick as possible, the faster the better. Education for me is a really important thing and can be useful in a whole lot of different ways in the future. Obviously you're going to have to know the basic things and that's what school is for. Next year is going to be a different year and everything's going to change. I really do hope that even though I may get put into a different class or even separated from my friends its going to be one of the coolest year of my life at Point England School. BRING ON 2014!! :)

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Netbook Reflection 2013

How has having a netbook connected to the internet helped my learning this year?

Having a netbook has helped me a lot. It has given me the opportunity to work online. Having a netbook is cool and you don’t have to work with books and pencils. Another reason is that it’s made me do much better in my maths, writing, reading and so many other subjects. If we didn’t have netbooks we wouldn’t have been able to research things that we needed or even wanted to know about. On my Netbook I have My Next Steps and connected to them are youtube video’s to help me understand and learn a new strategy. I then learn the strategy over and over again until I know it, and I make a DLO to prove that I know it then post it on my blog. Overall having netbooks is a helpful tool.

My Highlight's From 2013

A highlight for me this year is being in the same class as my friends Cheyanne and Faa’ao. We were hoping we would be in the same class earlier this year, and then it happened. At first we were just settling into our new cool classroom. For the first week Faa’ao didn't come to school, which made it pretty boring. Mrs Nua and Mr Barks is our teachers and their pretty cool.

Another highlight from this year is going to Action World. It was really cool to get the opportunity to go to Action World. Most off all it was so so fun. Especially when we got to go on any of the events that were set up. It was awesome.

My learning is another highlight. When I started the year I was working as a year 7 in maths. But now I'm working in a year 8 level. I have slowly improved in maths. Next year I hope to improve even more than I did this year. Mr Barks is our Maths teacher.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Day At Action World

On Friday all of the year 7’s were invited to go to Action World. “Action World!”, I said, “What's that?”. At first I wondered if there was action figures there? I wasn't sure. But it sounded pretty cool so I decided to bring in my $20 and my permission slip.

It was the day, the day that the year 7’s would go to Action World. We even got to wear tidy mufti. That morning we were suppose to come to school no later than 8.00, but I came at almost 8.30. I rushed into class and all the yr 7's were sitting in the street. Quietly I sat down and waited until it was time for us to go on the bus.

As the bus pulled up excitement rushed through my veins. “Finally”, I said to myself. It was a long bus ride until we got there, but eventually we did. I saw the big bouncy castles and all of the events. It looked so cool. First we got split into groups and started to do the events.

We went through all of the obstacles and then had morning tea, after we had finished eating we got to have free time on any of the events that we already done. I would have to say that my highlight is the Free Climb because I almost made it to the top, and my lowlight was the Crazy Ladder because it hurt my leg.

There was a lot of cool obstacles like the Crazy Ladder, Free Climb, Tra-peeze, High Wire, Low Wire, Jump n Slide, Jousting Bridge and the Jungle Swings. I went on the Tra-peeze, it was pretty high off the ground. At first I was scared but I eventually tried it.

The whistle blew and it was time for us to go back to school. “NO!”, I said out loud. I didn't want to go, but we had to so I went. It wasn't a long ride back to school because there wasn't that much traffic. We got back to school, by then I felt exhausted.

Monday, December 2, 2013

My Swimming Reflection

This term what I've learnt from swimming is the Free-style Technique. Learning  Free-style was pretty cool, but also hard at the same time. What made it hard was you have to keep going all the way to the end, even though you got really tired of kicking. We only had two weeks of swimming and during that time I think that I have improved a lot and I remembered to bring my togs and my towel. I can swim all the way in the leisure pool without stopping, but by using the free-style technique that the swimming instructors have taught me. Swimming means a lot to me because since we are always around water, we need to know how to swim. Next time I think I’ll be able to go into the bigger pool.

Friday, November 29, 2013


We have been comparing similarities and differences between Omar’s life’ a girl that live in Malawi and our life here in New Zealand. We’re going to be looking at how hard Omars school life and home life is compared to ours.

Omars school life is hard because, students have to be at school at 6.30 to sweep the dusty playground, half an hour before school starts. Students also have to share 1 book between 4-5 people. Not having enough money to buy books, pens or even pencils is hard for kids. 1.30 is the time they finish school, during that time they only have two 10min breaks. One at 8.40 and another at 10.40. Since they don’t have any where to hold their assembly they have it outside.

Sadly Omars parents died, so she now lives with her grandparents. Her  grandpa is the chief of her village but they live in a poor home. Inside her room she has no bed because her Grandpa sleeps on it. She calls it her bedroom but she has no bed so its basically just a room. On the floor is where Omar sleeps. The toilet and the kitchen are in two separate blocks outside.

Exams are really hard to pass, because students don’t have enough time to study. But when they do go home they're too busy helping out with the food and chores. Teachers sometimes have students at the age of 12-16 in their class, because they didn’t pass their exam. If students were unable to pass the exam then they stay in the same class.


We wear shoes to school but Omar doesn’t. She has to walk 6 kilometres to get to school whereas we just live down the road. In New Zealand its a must for us to go to school unlike kids in Malawi most of them stay home and learn to cook and do the chores. They also get their water out of a little well, however we get our water out of the tap. There is a lot of differences in Malawi.

There are some similarities such as we walk to school, we have assemblies, sing the national anthem and play sports. Omars school does the same as us. Another similar thing is that us and some schools in Malawi have desks and chairs. Books are provided but shared between 4-5 people in Malawi schools, unlike us we have netbooks and also get our own books.

its the kids responsibility to come to school early and clean the school. As for us we have don’t have to clean, instead we have a caretaker and cleaners. Mwaya school starts at 7.00 and finishes the day at 1.30, which is way different to Pt England School. Electricity, we have this but Mwaya School does not. They have no computers and they can’t even flick the switch to turn the light on, because there's no electricity.

For breakfast they grow Cassava and make it into a porridge. Here in New Zealand we have a variety of breakfast cereals to eat. Instead of living in a house with a kitchen and a toilet, they have them in two separate blocks outside. But after using the toilet they have no sink to wash their hands. These are all so different to how we live.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Yr 7 Fractions/Decimals My Next Steps

School 1- So first we have to split 45 into 9 parts, and also figure out how much is on one part. So I know that 9x? has to equal 45, so that's five. There is five in one part. But we want 7 of those five's so 7 x 5=35.

School 2- Now we have to split 56 into 8 parts, so I know that 7 x 8=56 so there is 7 in one part. But I want 6 of those so 7 x 6= 42. But it says which school has sold the most gingerbread men and the answer to that is school number 2.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Yr 8 Add/Sub My Next Steps Strategy 2

This is trying to tells us what is 54.20-9.99. So first I'm going to add .01 to 9.99 to make 10. We do this because we need to keep the distance between these two numbers the same.

Since I done added .01 to 9.99, I have to add .01 to 54.21. So now this leaves us with a new question  to answer. 54.21-10=44.21. As you can see this is a very easy strategy to learn and is good.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Yr 8 Add/Sub My Next Steps Strategy 1

So 9.08+0.02= 9.1. Since I added 0.02 I have to subtract 0.02 from 2.59 and that equals 2.57. So now that leaves us with a new question to answer. 9.1+2.57=11.67. This is a really easy strategy to do. Once you get to know it, it will be easy.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Edited Writing Sample

I heard a whisper but no-one was there

As I was fast asleep I heard a whisper, a whisper that I've never ever heard before. I felt scared and had no idea what was there. It was dark, no lights were on and everyone was sleeping. I crept quietly to where the whisper was coming from, but no-one was there. It was then I started to think that I was hearing things. “Huh, that's funny any ways back to sleep”, I said to myself.

The sun shone straight through the gaps of my curtains. By morning I forgot all about it and got on with my day as usual. Suddenly I heard the same whisper then I clicked “There’s that whisper”, I said to mum. “I can’t hear anything”, mum replied. Slowly I walked to the hallway and stood there for a good 2 minutes, but still nothing was there. I started to have second thoughts that this would be a whisper from a ghost.

Since it was the weekends I got to stay up and watch T.V. I was begging my sisters to stay up, so that if I heard the whisper they could hear it for themselves. But they were exhausted. There I was alone watching a scary movie as I heard a soft quiet whisper go straight through my eardrums. I shot towards the hallway and looked very very closely. “Oh my god, Arghhhhhhhhhh!”, I shouted. Everybody woke up, even my neighbours. “Whats wrong?”, Said dad. It took me quite a while to answer that question. I guess you know what my answer was.

That night was the most terrifying night of my life. After a while we called somebody to come and bless the house. My family didn't take any chances. “ Hearing whispers in the middle of the night, that's pretty scary”, I said. I eventually calmed down, but felt scared to even close my eyes. Morning came and they were here to bless the house. I didn't know what it was, but it sure wasn't someone that I've seen before.

I got the news that I was right there was a ghost inside the house. I was a little bit wary afterwards but heard no more whispers. Now we can get on with our lives as usual. But then my sister started to talk in her sleep. “Oh no, here we go again”, I said to myself.


Lorde’s song “Royals” has beaten Miley Cyrus’s song “Wrecking ball” and Katy Perry’s “Roar”. This achievement has put her in the top 100 chart and she is the youngest solo artist. She hit the number one spot during the holidays. 

Lorde is 16 but turns 17 on November the 16. She’s the only New Zealand Artist to hit the top of the Billboards hot 100 list. She's a year 12 at Takapuna Grammar School on Auckland's North Shore. Her real name is Ella Yelich-O'Connor but is known as Lorde. She released her first album "Love Club" and gained millions of fans.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Yr 7 Add/Sub Next Steps

So first I know that 9.8 is closest to a tidy number, so I added 0.2 to get to 10. Since I done that I have to do that to the other number.

So 25.6+0.2=25.8. This leads us to a new question to answer. 25.8-10 and that equals 15.8. As you can see this is a really easy strategy to do.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Add/Sub Yr 7 My Next Steps

Well... I know that 7.8 is the closest to a tidy number, so I added 0.2 to get to 8.

Since I added 0.2 to 7.8, I have to subtract 0.2 from 3.7 which makes 3.5. We do this to make it equal and you'll get the same answer.

So I end up answering a new equation. 8+3.5 and that equals 11.5.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

My First Day Of School

Stumbling into Tamaki primary school grounds, I felt like dropping. I tug onto my mum as she talked to my new teacher (Miss Sharma). I hid behind her feeling apprehensive. My heart pounded as the kids politely asked if I wanted to play a game. Excitement rushed through my veins, but that all changed.

The bell rang, I stood in the middle of the classroom, shy and wondered what to do? I didn't want to talk to anybody. Obviously that meant I didn't want to go to school. Students in my class were annoying, they would sit and stare at me while I was completing my work.

Morning Tea passed and I finally made a new friend (Lavinia). During maths time I didn't feel lonely. It was great to have a new friend. All of a sudden I heard the lunch bell ring. My friend and I grabbed our lunch and headed straight out the door. It was absolutely good to be out of the classroom, especially when you feel like you've been working for hours.

After lunch time it was time to relax and listen to the teacher read a story. “Almost home time”, I said to myself. Wanting to go home I waited until the bell rang. Finally it rang, that was the time I felt really happy.

T.M.S Show Not Tell

She stared at the blue envelope, resting in her hand “Another letter, number 22”, she said in a nice voice. As she stumbled on the cracked concrete, she looked up at the house and noticed paint fading, broken tiles, cracked windows, cobwebs everywhere and a whole lot of dead flowers in the garden. I knocked on the door and gulped.

After a while it was slowly opened by an old man with a walking stick, and a long white beard. I reached out and handed the note to him without saying a word. He stared at the letter and looked surprised. “Follow me”, he said in a calm voice. As we walked down the hallway it was dark and spooky.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Malala Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize

Kiwi Kids News

Malala Nominated For Noble Peace Prize

Malala Yousafzai
She has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize
She’s from Pakistan but is in England at the moment recovering
We will find out at the end of October if she won
Because she was fighting for education for schoolgirls in Pakistan

Rewrite the article in your own words

Malala Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize
Malala Yousafzai was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, because she was fighting for schoolgirls education in Pakistan. The Taliban decided to try and kill her, because they didn't like what she was doing. She ended up with serious injuries. She’s is now in England recovering, and can’t go back to Pakistan because its to dangerous. We will find out in late October if she has won.

Opinion and Why:
What do you think about this news and why
I think that she is a kind and caring person, willing to fight for schoolgirls education in Pakistan.

What are some questions this article has prompted that you may like to find out the answers to
Why is their law so different to ours?
What is schooling like in Pakistan?
Why aren't girls allowed to go to school?

Friday, October 25, 2013

My Own Mihi

This is my own mihi that I have created, there is the english translation too.

Kia ora koutou
Greetings to you all

kua hui mai nei
who have gathered here

ki tenei kura
to this school

ki te mau mai
to bring

i te aroha
the love

ka nui te koa
great is the happiness

mo to koutou kaha
for your support

ki te aromai
in attending

ki te ako
to learn

i nga kaupapa
the topics

e pa ana ki tenei wananga
concerning this school of learning

My Four Shot Movie

T.S Four Shot Movie from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Four Shot Movie Storyboard

A girl types in google "Chocolate Milkshake", because she was thirsty. She then reaches in the screen and out comes a chocolate milkshake.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Immersion Assembly Writing Sample

We were given 40 minutes to write about a good memory, then put it up on our blog.

Immersion Assembly

The hall was filled with students, teachers and even parents that had came to watch the immersion assembly. Everybody wanted to know what they were going to be learning about this term. We all ended up finding out that“What In The World Is Going On” was our topic for this term. Excitement quickly travelled around the hall.

Finally it was time to watch the performances that the teachers had prepared for the first day of term 4. May I tell you that they were pretty funny, every show was funny in their own way. When it was team 3’s turn they had an amazing show and even handed out pancakes.

There were heaps of different shows about different things, which made it interesting. Overall the immersion assembly was really funny. “What In The World Is Going On”, now that’s something to investigate.

My two goals- Use more interesting words, Show not tell.
My two things I did well- Used variety of sentences, had good punctuation.

Monday, September 9, 2013

My Next Steps Year 7, Strategy 2

This is my Next Step Presentation that I've been working on. I am learning how to subtract numbers with decimals. 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

My Next Steps Strategy 1, Year 7

This is My Next Steps Strategy 1, Year 7 that I have been working on. I'm explaining how to use this strategy and proving that I know it.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Bombing Of The Rainbow Warrior Ship

Unfortunately the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior affected a lot of people. Overall this was a very tragic event that took place on Marsden Wharf July 10th, 1985. The French spies were sent from the French government to blow up the ship because, the Greenpeace crew were going to French Polynesia to protest against nuclear bombing. But the French didn't like that. So they decided to blow up the boat to stop them from protesting.

People on the ship were having a party to celebrate the 29th birthday of the director for the anti-nuclear movement. But little did they know French spies secretly swam to the bottom of the Rainbow Warrior, then attached two limpet bombs. People on board were oblivious to what was happening. Sometime later the lights flickered and the people thought that another ship had hit them. But no, the ship had been bombed.

Water came rushing inside the boat, “Abandon ship, Abandon ship!” yelled Pete Willcox, the captain. In a state of panic almost everybody escaped. Unfortunately Fernando Pereira was the only one left on the ship but sadly died minutes after the bomb went off.

The spies were arrested and sent to jail for ten years. After they were sentenced the French Government called New Zealand and asked if they could have the French spies, and put them in their jail. If the New Zealand government didn't give them to the French, they would stop buying their products. The New Zealand government thought about it then gave the spies. But the French people only kept them in their jail for 2 years. When they came out of prison they were classed as heroes, when really they hurt a lot of people.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My DLO For My Maths

My group is working on some new strategies and I chose to do a DLO to show that I know this strategy. For example, a painter uses 6 cans of paint to paint 2 fences. How many cans of paint does he need to paint 9 fences (all the fences are the length).

First I need to draw a line to separate the cans of paint and the fences. At the top we write 6 because he uses 6 cans to paint 2 fences, at the end of the line we leave that space blank because we want to know how many cans of paint he needs to paint 9 fences.

Secondly we need to write at the bottom 2, because he paints 2 fences using 6 cans of paint, next we have to write 9 at the end of the line because he needs to paint 9 fences. To get the answer I have to do 2x3 which equals 6, next I have to do 3x9 and that equals 27. So I know that he needs 27 cans of paint to paint 9 fences. This is really quite easy when you get to know this strategy.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

My Reflection About My Movie

Mya, Sapphire and I made a movie about love. What did I like about our movie? Well... a lot of things actually. But what I like the most is the angles/shots that we took. The close up, mid shot and the side shot were really good and went well together. It was great to have good ideas from my group members.

Even though the year 5's did really well, we think that if we had year 7 or 8 students in our movie, we would get better quality of acting. But overall we think we all did a good job.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Martin Luther King's Speech

Hook: Standing amongst the huge crowd I could sense hope. In 1963 August 28th Martin Luther King (aka MLK) made his speech to try and unite all of us together, and try to make it equal for the black and white people of the United States Of America.

DESCRIBING- All black people were there to support each other and make a change, people were trying to make the country a better place for all people. Martin Luther King tried to make equal rights for everybody so that all the states could come together and make one safe and happy country.

EFFECTING US- If we were black kids it will affect us in so many ways such as, being slaves for white people and they don’t pay you. using the public toilets when you need to go to the toilet, using different water fountains, segregated and many things that black people can’t do.

The white people demand all black people to sit at the back of the bus. White people get 10x more funding than the black peoples school.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

My Strategy For Decimals And Fractions

This is my presentation that I have been working on and it has my strategies that will help me throughout my decimal and fraction questions.

My Maths Goal For Term 3

My maths goal for this term is to be confident with division, because I still have a little bit of trouble with it.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Pinocchio And The Three Little Hobbits

Once upon a time there lived a special little wooden boy named Pinocchio. Pinocchio had everything that he had ever wanted, fame, friends and fortune.

One day this all changed when three little hobbits became really good friends with him. They had discovered that Pinocchio was a rich wooden young man and had plans to rip him off.

Unfortunately Pinocchio had foolishly told them his pin number 0800 232323 for where all his gold and money was stored. He thought that he could trust them. The three little hobbits went to his safe and took all his gold and money.

The following morning Pinocchio woke up and discovered that he had been robbed. Not only did he get robbed but he also noticed that the three hobbits were missing. He looked around his own little castle but couldn’t find the hobbits or any sign of his gold and money.

After he heard all his friends cheering outside his huge castle, he walked outside to see what was going on. He reached the door and heard the three little hobbits bickering over what they done to Pinocchio.

He had opened his door really slowly thinking that the hobbits would eventually give his gold and money back.

When the door was open, all of his old friends gave him a stern look. Meanwhile the hobbits started looking at Pinocchio nervously. Pinocchio just stood there looking angry, as soon as he spotted the hobbits he turned red standing there perhaps rather mental.

After the three little hobbits had noticed that Pinocchio was going purple by not breathing one bit, Pinocchio stood there very still after a while he fainted badly. The hobbits picked him up then they put him on his couch.

As soon as Pinocchio awoke he found the three hobbits, his friends, his money and gold that he had saw standing right next to him, flinching at him as if he would never forgive him. But once he saw how sorry and upset they were he had felt sorry for them. He said to the hobbits “Even though I feel really sorry for all of you, I still will never forgive you for what you have done!”.

Friday, June 28, 2013

My Movie Trailer

This is my movie trailer that I have created. I hope you enjoy it.

My Movie Reflection

Yellow Hat - The things I enjoyed
I enjoyed hanging out with my friends. I also enjoyed making movies.

Black Hat - Which things didn’t I like.
I didn’t like people watching my movies. I also didn't like starting my voice-over again, because of we couldn’t find the camera the next day.

Green Hat - What was something interesting about this week.
Something interesting about this week is that it was cool watching peoples movies. Another interesting thing is that I liked how we had to make a trailer instead of a movie, because it is so much easier.

White Hat - What did I learn.
I learnt how to make some cool movies. I also learnt different angles when I film movies.

Blue Hat - What can I do better next time.
Something that I can do better next time is make better movies. Another thing is get my netbook back so that I can work on my movie and editing.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Rating My Math Game

This is a presentation that I have created to show what I've rated this game.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Our Special Guest Will.I.Am

Can you guess who came to Point England School? Well... If you guessed Will.I.Am you are right. The hall was filled with excitement, and Will.I.Am slowly walked into the hall.

Hearing cheers and screaming Will.I.Am walked down the isle. With the media crew standing at the back, the performing groups were nervous. A ripple of excitement worked its way around the hall.

With nervous faces the Kapa Haka group performed in front of Will.I.Am. Walking on the stage everyone clapped with joy.

As Will.I.Am Handed the $100,000 to all the manaikalani school’s we all cheered, screamed and yelled. We are so grateful for what he has done for us.

My Explain Ready Presentation

This is my presentation that I have made to describe what Vitamins are. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Brief Reflection On The Term

The thing that I have done very well at my maths because, I have been working on Xtra Maths and I’m now on 1.5 seconds and on subtraction. Last year I was still on 3 seconds.

Next term I need to focus on improving my writing a little bit more. To do that I will need to begin writing more interesting stories to put on my blog.

My highlight from this term would have to be the Triathlon. The reason why I like it is because we get to ride bikes, swim, and also run. But my favourite thing would have to be running.

Next term I’m looking forward to podcasting with my friends. I like podcasting because you get to share what you have been reading with everyone that looks at the our K.P.E blog. My last podcast was the bestest one that I’ve ever done, it was better than all the other ones that I have done.

What I'm looking Forward To Next Term....

Next term I’m looking forward to podcasting with my friends. I like podcasting because you get to share what you have been reading with everyone that looks at the our K.P.E blog. My last podcast was the bestest one that I’ve ever done, it was better than all the other ones that I have done. I can’t wait to finish my first podcast this term, actually I can’t wait to even start.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Camp Argument

At the year seven and eight camps its boring because we have to sleep in tents, wake up early, and we don’t get to pick our own teams so that we can be with our mates. Another reason is that we don’t like swimming in the beach. Overall we think that we shouldn’t have a year seven and eight camp.

Firstly at camp we have to sleep in tents and we think thats not fair. By the time we get to year seven and eight we have already experienced that so we would really like to do something different. Perhaps we could sleep in the classrooms. After sleeping in a tent all night getting up is really bad because we always have a sore back.

Secondly we hate waking up early. We would much prefer to sleep in for a little bit longer, but the teachers start getting grumpy at camp if we do that. Its quite annoying sometimes, especially when we have to do jump jam as soon as we wake up.

One last reason for us to not going to the year 7 and 8 camp, is that we swim in the beach, which we don’t really enjoy that much. We think that swimming in the beach is not really nice because, there are a lot of sharp shells and rocks that cut your feet.

Well.... thats our opinion.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Simile & Metaphor Presentation

This is a presentation that I have been working on to show the difference between a Simile & Metaphor.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Faaao's Character Decsription

Hi I’m going to tell you about my best friend Faaaoane Ulipa. For me to describe her I would say that the thing that makes her stand out is the way she does her hair. She also wears silver earrings that shine when its sunny.

Faaao’s personality is cool, she’s the kind of person who will make you laugh by telling jokes and acting funny. She has a great sense of humour, and is hilarious.

Her favourite thing to do is sleep, and enjoy spending time with her family members. She also likes to play Netball, and eat her most favourite food. A favourite food of hers is KFC.

We both enjoy talking, telling jokes, laughing, walking, and also relaxing. We sit under the trees in a shady place and laugh. We both enjoy being best friends.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Alan Duff

2 facts I found out about Alan Duff is that his first book he wrote is "Once Were Warriors". Another fact that I didn't know is that he was born on the 26-10-1950 in Rotorua. The message I got from Alan Duff when he came to our assembly, is that if you want to do something with your life then you should just go for it.

My Free Writing

An experience that I've had is going to Tamaki Tech. Tamaki Tech is a place were the seniour kids go to learn cooking, graphics, and last but not least hard materials. At first my teacher said that I was in Hard Materials, but then later I ended up going into graphics, which is so AWESOME! 

I like graphics because you get to try different things like a compass, and you get to know how to do different techniques. I really enjoyed doing Abstract, even though it took me quite a long time to finish. The thing I didn't enjoy would have to be poster making, I couldn't even think of one thing to do at first that relates to our beautiful Aotearoa. 

Eventually I came up with something, but I didn't know that I had to colour it in. I cant wait until we swap over. Next year would be even better because we get to do something different. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Writing Test

This morning we all completed our first writing sample for 2013. I have posted it just as I wrote it in 40 minutes that we were given, so that throughout the year I will be able to look back and reflect on the progress I've made in my writing. I will post my learning goals from this soon.

I had just woke up from a wicked dream, and was about to get ready. Then went to the kitchen to see whats for lunch, suddenly from the right side of my eye I saw a newspaper lying on the table. I started reading and then discovered that there was an article about people dissapearing. I was shocked, scared, and awfully frightened. It had been 30 minutes since I had woke up "Oh no school". I then rushed into my room put on my uniform, shoes, and socks, then ran to the kitchen got my lunch then sneaked quietly but quickly out of the house. "Oops I forgot to say bye to Mum" "BYE MUM" I yelled. 

Quickly walking up the street and to school I was still thinking about that 1 article. After 20 minutes I finally got to school, I was completely exhausted though and felt lazy. During class time I couldn't finish off my work and couldn't think. I was glad when it came to morning tea time, I then told my friends about what happened and they didn't believe me. I had no idea why they didn't understand, and thought to myself "I don't think they read the newspaper". 

The day after that they had read the newspaper and finally understood, "someone needs to do something about this" all my friends said. "Yes" I replied. When the next newspaper came it had all of the infomation and said "the police are involved and is checking out where these people are". But at the bottom there was an extra story that said they had found the missing people. They were stuck on an island with no boat no food absoloutly nothing. Luckily one of their team mates had said to the police that they had planned to go to some island way in the far atlantic ocean. It took them a long time to find them but eventually they did. 

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Taeshell & Chloe's Show Not Tell

With the sun bearing down on me I felt like melting like an ice cream on a cone in the sun, drip by drip. Throughout the day I was getting really tired from the heat. I felt completely exhausted and had sweat dripping on the right side of my face.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bio Poem

My Bio Poem

Taeshell Makita
Quiet, caring, kind, generous
Daughter of Shelley, Taepae. Sister of T.j, Chelsea, little Shelley, Angel
Lover of chocolate, sunny days and family
Who feels happy when I see my family, excited when I go someplace I’ve never been before, relaxed when the weekdays are over.
Who has been to Ollies ( ice cream place), Skateland, Wild Water pools
Who needs family, laughter, happiness.
Who fears spiders, funerals, horror movies
Who would someday like to go to the Cook Islands, France, Aitutaki
Resident of Glen Innes

I Am Presentation

This is my presentation that I've been working on. All of room 22 had to do this task and publish it on their blog. We had to do this task because, our teacher wanted to know more about us.