Friday, October 7, 2011

What Wakes You Up In The Morning

When we go to sleep we sleep deeply, and then after a few hours we sleep lightly. If we sleep lightly we will wake up easily. Our brains need to rest for the next day, so we don't get tired or confused during class.

So if you want to sleep in wear something over your eyes or pull the curtains. It may help to put cotton-wool or earplugs in your ears.


  1. Hi Taeshell, I sure was an exciting story about sleeping lightly. When I sleep lightly I have good sleeps and sweet dreams. How about you. Keep up the great work Taeshell, hope to see more lovely work on your blog. Tauwhare

  2. Hi Taeshell I looked in to your writing it was the best story i ever read in your blog you have done a good work writing about you sleeping and you have drowed a pretty photo about you sleeping.

  3. Hi Taeshell, That really was a great story about sleeping lightly. I can't get to sleep until it's really late but when I do fall off to sleep I have crazy dreams like fighting dragons and sometimes I dream about things that are going to happen the next day. Keep up your great writing and I'll see you after school.

    From Chelsea

  4. Hi Taeshell,
    I love the way you explained how you can sleep deeply. I like
    how you drew your bedroom with great detail. Next time you maybe could have more detail in your writing.
    From Saadiya