Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Staying At School

The year 6 camp was on, but I didn’t go. Ane and Faaao didn’t go too, and for our reliever teacher we had Mr Somerville. Can you guess what we did while the year 6 campers were gone?.

Well....... we had 3 tasks we had to get finished. 1, we had to do our X-tra Maths everyday, 2 we had to have 100 minutes of Maths Whizz done, and 3 an animation about anything. If we didn’t finish all of these things you will have to go to Mr Somerville’s class and get everything completely finished. No matter how long it takes. Thats why I tried my hardest to finish everything.

I managed to get all of these tasks done. Animating part of the song I’m Yours by Jason Mraz, was really fun. 2 of my friends (Faaao and Ane) animated the same part of the song I’m Yours, but obviously we had to make different animations. Since I got all 3 tasks finished I got to have FREE TIME! Well..... I think everyone likes to have free time. We even got to go swimming, but I didn’t participate in it.

From what I’m hearing it sounded like camp was really good. Even though I had a good week, I will definately be going to camp next year.

Friday, November 23, 2012

I'm Yours Animation

This is my animation that I have been working on for the past week. I am animating the song "I'm Yours", which is sang by Jason Mraz.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Camp Benzon

Tomorrow most of room 17 is heading off to Kawau Island for the team 4 camp. But I am not going, too bad.

Camp Bentzon is on Kawau Island. You have to travel by a bus to get to Sandspit, then from Sandspit you go on a ferry and then head to Kawau Island.

There are a lot of activities at Kawau Island like Abseiling, Kayaking, Confidence course, Swimming, and raft making. There are a lot more of activities. But the Confidence Course sounds quite interesting.

If I was coming to camp I would be most interested in trying the Burma Trial. It sounds pretty interesting, and involves trusting the other person that is guiding you with the rope. Also I would like to try something a little bit different.

I know if I come to camp my big challenge would be staying away from home. Because there is no place like home.

I can’t wait until tomorrow because mostly everyone’s going to camp, and I think its going to be a lot quiet without mainly everybody here.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Inventing A Boat

This is my boat that I invented. We had to make a boat that could float for at least 5 seconds. This was our. Technology Challenge for this week.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Couplet Poetry's

Summer is hot
But sometimes not
It gets quite hot
So then I find a really good spot
Its no way near cold
“want to come to the pools”, I get told

CAMPCamp is quite fun
I want to wake up and see the sun
I would rather walk
And also talk
I really don’t want to run
I just want to have fun

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fun Kids Triathlon

Can you try figure out what room 17 did down at the bottom field? If you guessed Triathlon you are correct. It was very exciting to see avanti bikes, and everything set up.

We had to do three obstacles. The first obstacle we did was sliding on the water slide 5 times, but some people and I didn’t bring our togs, so we had to run to the cone and back. We didn’t know when we had to go and get our bikes, so we kept on running until we saw someone run to transition ( transition is the place where the bikes are, and is also where we change over).

Obviously the second one we had to do was biking. We also didn’t forget our helmets“CLICK” my helmet was on my head. I raced off out of transition until I got out of there. “2 LAPS” I heard, so I pedaled as fast as I could, and it didn’t take me long to hop off my bike and start running.

“AH” running, now that was the most tiring part of all but luckily it was only one short lap. I felt exhausted and so badly wanted to stop but, I kept going. Relieved is what I felt when I crossed that finish line. It was like coming back from a very long walk. But most of all I was proud of myself for trying the “Kids Triathlon”.If you ever get to run a Triathlon or you get the offer you should because, I know one thing for sure it is really good for you. At the end every person that competed in the Triathlon got a certificate, I thought that was really kind. Brett, Mark, and Adrian was good helpers.

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Dangerous Bush Walk Back Home

Happily talking about our day, Cheyanne and I walked through the bush to get home. We lived quite close to each other, so to get to our house we had to climb over the fence. But in the bushes we heard something really suspicious. Hearing the sound made us think that something was about to happen.

As Cheyanne looked back she could see someone wearing all black, it looked like the person had a weapon in his hand, “AHHH” Cheyanne screamed with fear. “RUN” I turned and there that person was chasing after us. Running as fast as we could we tried to jump the fence, I managed but Cheyanne still couldn’t jump over. The hoody fell off the persons head and we discovered that it was a man.

He pulled Cheyanne down until she couldn’t hang on to the fence anymore. “GET AWAY FROM HER” I screamed at him like I was a hero. As the man dragged Cheyanne on the stoney path Cheyanne kicked him in the face with her hurtful boots, his face started bleeding with blood dripping down on the path. “GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME” Cheyanne yelled with fear. I dashed to try to help Cheyanne but the man hit me hard enough for me to fall on the ground.

“HELP” somebody help us Cheyanne said out loud, all the neighbours came running out, a lot of the neighbours called the police. With all the others trying to help Cheyanne and me, they managed to get the man on the ground waiting for the police to come.

It didn’t take long until the police came, then me, and Cheyanne were taken to the doctors to see if anything was wrong with us. Luckily the man didn’t hit me a little bit harder, Cheyanne only got bruises and cuts from the stoney path.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Name That Tells A Story

So far the Weka's have been reading a story called "A Name That Tells A Story". Our teacher has told us to retell the story in our own words, and post it on our blog's with pictures, and our paragraphs.

There is 3 boys named Koha, Maaki, and Te Whanaupani. Their Mum kept on telling them stop going by the river, they would answer back “ok”, then their Mum went away to a Marae. They had to stay with their father, one day it started pouring down with rain, so then one of the brothers said “lets go have a look at the river”, so they went off. Maaki, and Koha started kicking Te Whanaupani, and then pushed him into the river. He was swimming for his life, and tried to get to land but the current was too strong, one of the brothers raced homed to tell his father, and he ran out to the front then dived in, and grabbed him.

One of the Brothers went to get their Mum, and she took him to the doctors straight away. The doctors said “He’s lucky to be alive”. The next morning Te Whanaupani’s Mum’s friend’s had a baby in her arm, and gave the baby to her. “I will replace the child you have lost”, “Te Whanaupani didn’t die” she said, then Te Whanaupani’s Mum’s friend hugged her. “We will name the baby Takawhiti Te Oraiti Tawhiwhirangi Waipuke Oranoa in the memory of what happened to Te Whanaupani”.

Made Up Story At The Point England Shops

Power walking past the truck, I hurried to the shop so I could buy my lunch for school. Being late is what I don’t like so I knew I had to hurry. It didn’t take that long for me to buy my lunch, but then something happened.

“HEY YOU”! I heard someone yell. “YOU DIDN’T PAY”, “YES” I explained. Walking down to the crossing the shopkeeper was accusing me of stealing from his shop.

I tried to tell him that I’ve already paid, but he just kept on saying no. Repeating myself over and over again made me start yelling at him. It was a waste of time me walking really fast to the shop because, I heard the second bell ring.