Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Our Exciting Baseball Day

Every Thursday room 15 goes to the field and plays baseball with Cola. When we were on our way to baseball we were so excited that we wanted to play straight away with out practising. First we practised catching and throwing it was a little bit hard.

Finally we got to play the game, it was fun but the Cola team was bating first and the team Pepsi was fielding that was the team I am in. While we were putting the gloves on our hands the grass was really cold it was freezing like ice but we still played. The people in the team Pepsi were trying to get people out from the other team but atleast we got some people out but the rest were just to fast ,never mind we will get better at it.

Next it was our turn to be batting Asena and I were so excited to get a turn to bat. When Asena went up and I was next I felt butterfly's in my tummy I thought I was going to miss the ball it was very very freaky. When we had finished our game of baseball we were all so happy and tired. We walked all the way back to class then suddenly the bell rang and that’s when we all ran.