Thursday, December 12, 2013

My Highlight's From 2013

A highlight for me this year is being in the same class as my friends Cheyanne and Faa’ao. We were hoping we would be in the same class earlier this year, and then it happened. At first we were just settling into our new cool classroom. For the first week Faa’ao didn't come to school, which made it pretty boring. Mrs Nua and Mr Barks is our teachers and their pretty cool.

Another highlight from this year is going to Action World. It was really cool to get the opportunity to go to Action World. Most off all it was so so fun. Especially when we got to go on any of the events that were set up. It was awesome.

My learning is another highlight. When I started the year I was working as a year 7 in maths. But now I'm working in a year 8 level. I have slowly improved in maths. Next year I hope to improve even more than I did this year. Mr Barks is our Maths teacher.

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