Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Triangle Fractions #1

 This is my first triangle fraction that I have completed.

Triangle Fractions #2

 With triangle fractions you have to fill in the gaps and in each line they all have to total 8 2/3. I have completed my triangle fractions.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Word Web- Relax

Show Not Tell About Fiafia

Fiafia Show Not Tell

During our practise for Fiafia a whole lot of emotions rushed through me. With determination I tried my hardest to learn all the moves and get the timing right. I got the opportunity to stand at the front and help guide the little ones through the song. As I stood there listening to our tutor I then realized that it was almost Fiafia. At that moment I decided to encourage all the other little kids and help them. The more we talked about it the more we got excited. I think that was a good thing though.

Finally It was time for our Fiafia, a cultural festival that kids at Point England School would participate in. Fiafia is one of the  most busiest and extreme events that Pt England holds, and it was the night that we actually would perform. I couldn't help but jump up and down. But on the other hand I was very nervous. Butterflies filled my stomach as I got changed, every breathe I took was deep. While walking to sit down in our lines, I was shaking not because it was cold but because I was scared, shy and most of all very nervous.

Walking on stage I felt happy that I’ve made it this far, but I was hoping that I wouldn’t go blank minded and forget all the moves. With hope I tried to look for my parents, but it was so crowded that I couldn’t see them. We all finished our dance with a pose at the end, at that moment I was extremely proud of myself. Finally it was time to sit back down and enjoy the rest of the performances. All of the performances were absolutely stunning. My opinion is that I think Fiafia was a great and exquisite night that people would remember.

After Fiafia was done and dusted I felt like a big weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I was relieved and felt good. Miss Lal and Miss Rapold promised the Bollywood group that on Friday we would get a treat, because of we did very well. So a couple of days after Fiafia we got our treat, which was a Ice Block and some biscuits. Overall Fiafia was brilliant, fabulous, amazing, flawless and extremely wonderful.

Fraction Thinkboard

This is my thinkboard that I have completed.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Fr/Dec/% Year 8 WALT solve word problems using 'Between' strategy on a double number line.

 This is my presentation that shows that I understand this strategy.

More Than A Mountaineer- By Bill O'Brien

KNOWLEDGE - What are the facts
1. At what time and on what date was Mount Everest climbed for the first time? May 29th 1953- 11.30am
2. Name the two other expeditions mentioned in this article that Sir Edmund Hillary led. Tractors over crevasse-covered glaciers and deep drifts of snow to the South Pole. He’s jet boated from the mouth of the mighty Ganges River, with it’s fearsome rapids, to it’s source in the Himalayas.

COMPREHENSION - Show that you understand the information
3. What did the Sherpa mean when he said “Our children have eyes but they cannot see”? The kids only know what’s going on in their community but what they don’t know is what’s going on in other places in the world, or out of their place. They don’t have that much of an education or someone to teach them about other things apart from their own little town.
4. Think of another title for the article that summarises what the author is writing about
and would be a good hook for the reader. Title- A Gift From A Mountaineer. Hook- Its great to know that Sherpa is now a much better place than it was before.
APPLICATION - Using what you read in the article 5. Design a poster for the Himalayan Trust to get donations and volunteers to help build a school for the Sherpas. Poster.png
ANALYSIS - Organising information from the article
6. Draw a TIMELINE showing all the events in Sir Edmund Hillary’s life that are mentioned in this article. This will help you understand how the article has been organised by the author and is a good way to help you remember the information.
Sir Edmund Hillary climbed Mt Everest along with his climbing companion Nepali Sherpa Tenzing Norgay
The next fifty-years
He had led expeditions on tractors over crevasse- covered glaciers and deep drifts of snow to the south pole. He’s jet boated from the mouth of the mighty ganges river.
People began working together to build the first Sherpa school.
While people were building the Paphlu Hospital, Sir Edmund Hillary was waiting for his wife, Lady Louise and his sixteen year old daughter, Belinda Hillary to arrive by plane. But they did not return. Unfortunately their plane had crashed and everyone in it died.
Within thirty years
The Himalayan Trust had built twenty-seven schools, two hospitals, twelve clinics, an airfield and several bridges over raging rivers.
Tenzing Norgay died aged seventy-three

SYNTHESIS - Coming up with new ideas
7. Using modern technology, design a more efficient system for getting building equipment up the Himalayan mountains and clearing land for an airstrip. Label your drawings or write descriptions to explain your interesting ideas.

For my design there would be a whole lot of trees, bushes and other stuff in the way. So I would create a group and clear that whole part a turn it into an airstrip. There would be no tree’s, no bushes no nothing where the airstrip is going to be.

EVALUATION - Seeing both sides
“Being the first to climb Mt Everest is Sir Edmund Hillary’s most important achievement”
Make a chart and list your reasons for agreeing and disagreeing with this statement

I agree with this statement because Sir Edmund Hillary climbed the tallest mountain in the world and got instant fame. He is very brave because he climbed Mt Everest and that is a very, very, very big mountain. He’s very famous and an inspiration for other people.
I disagree with this statement because……….

EVALUATION - Making judgments about information

Do you think this article was well written? Yes, I think this is a great article but they could improve the hook and the conclusion.

♦ Was there a hook in the introduction? Not really Hook : Rate: 4/10
♦ Was the information well organised in clear sections? Yes Organisation : Rate: 8/10
♦ Was there an effective conclusion? Sort of Wrap-up : Rate: 7/10

Write a short review of this article based on the ratings you have given it.
Comment on extra information that you think could or should have been included.

On the 29th of May 1953 Sir Edmund Hillary reached the summit of Mt Everest along with his companion Nepali Sherpa Tenzing Norgay. For five hours straight they tackled rock and ice faces. At 11:30am they reached the top of Mt Everest. Over the next fifty-years, Sir Edmund Hillary had led expeditions on tractors over crevasse-covered glaciers and deep drifts of snow to the South Pole. He’s jet boated from the mouth of the mighty Ganges River. He has been New Zealand’s High Commissioner to India. But of all the adventures he has had, the one that dominated his life was working among the Sherpa’s. One day Sir Edmund Hillary asked one of the Sherpa’s “What will happen to you in the future”. The Sherpa answered, “Our children have eyes but cannot see”. What they wanted more than anything was a school in khumjung village. The Hillary got the idea of the Himalayan Trust. People began building the first sherpa school in 1961.There are no roads where the Sherpa’s live. At the schools opening 40 pupils were enrolled. An airstrip was badly needed for people to transport stuff back and forth. But with no roads it was hard. One hundred Sherpa’s cut down bushes and tree’s, dug out roots and levelled the land. The things they couldn’t move was the big boulders. So they dug big holes around it and used equipment to push the boulder over into the hole, then they covered it with earth. After two days of stamping the airstrip was finally ready. While building the Paphlu Hospital in 1975 Sir Edmund Hillary was waiting for his wife to arrive by plane. Unfortunately the plane crashed. Sir Edmund Hillary’s wife and daughter Belinda died. Within thirty-years, the Himalayan Trust had built twenty-seven schools, two hospitals, twelve clinics, an airfield, and several bridges over raging rivers. Tenzing Norgay sadly died in May 1986 aged seventy-three.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Fr/Dec/% Year 8

 This presentation shows that I have completed this and I already know how to do this strategy. Overall I think that this strategy is very helpful in in some situations.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Multiplication Wheels

Using Whole Numbers To Add Hundredths

This is a new app that I am learning to use. It is called Movenote and unfortunately there seemed to be some issues or problems with the sound. Hopefully we will get this sorted and it will be better to use.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Information Report About Butterfly's

The beautiful Butterfly is part of the insect family. Very pleasant colours covers it and makes them stand out. They all come in a variety of different colours, shapes and also sizes. Magnificent is what this creature is.

Butterflies are not like other insects, they don’t have any bones but they do have a light skeleton. Its body is made out of 3 parts which is its head, thorax and abdomen. Butterflies have compound eyes, that are made out of many small parts. Two antennas on their heads help them to feel, hear and smell. They have three pairs of legs, on their feet is claws to help them stand on flowers. Some butterfly’s use only four legs and carry their other two legs against their body. Their wings are made out of tubes that are covered with thin tissue. Little do people know their wings are covered with scales, but is fine like little tiny dust.

This insect is a cold-blooded creature. Any hot or warm climate is the best possible place for them to live. You probably wouldn't find Butterflies in Antarctica or in desserts because, there is basically no food sources for this wonderful creature. Besides its way to cold in Antarctica. It really depends on the weather, if its hot they’ll stay. But if its cold they’ll migrate and go to a place where the climate is hot or warm. Basically Butterflies live every country.
For this special creature to turn into what it is now (a Butterfly) they have to go through a cycle called metamorphosis. Metamorphosis is a Greek word for transforming or changing into a different shape. First they start off as a egg, which the female Butterfly lays on a plant. The egg eventually hatches and out comes a larva which is just like a caterpillar. While the Caterpillar is growing it sheds its skin 4 or 5 times. It eats, eats, eats and eats until its time has come for it to create a chrysalis around itself. Depending on the species, the chrysalis is found under a branch on a tree or behind leaves, hidden somewhere in a tree. This stage can last from a few weeks, a month or even longer. But when this stage has completely finished out comes a magnificent and beautiful butterfly.

I think Butterflies are very precious and special creatures. They really interest me, especially with their beautiful bright colours that cover them. Did you know that Butterflies are the only insects that have scales?

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Octagons- Consolidation of fractions W9

Octagons - answer the following questions in red:
Miss Clark has a cake that she has to share with seven other people. What fraction of the cake does Miss Clark get to eat? 1/8

She then to shared another cake with 12 people but ate 4 pieces because she was feeling super hungry. What fraction of the cake did she eat? She has eaten 1/3 of the cake

What is ⅖ of 20? 8

James has 32 lollies in a bag, he eats ½ of his lollies. How many lollies does James eat? 16

Michael knows that walking to school takes one hour. Walking to his nanas house only takes ¼ of that time. How long does it take to walk to nanas? 15 minutes

It took me six hours to walk up Mount Tapawai, however only 1/3 of that time to walk back down, how many hours could  have walked down in? 2 hours

What is ¼ of 300? 75

What is ¾ of 200? 150

Mum gave me $100 for xmas I spent $¼ of it buying a top for myself. How much was my top? $25

James got paid $90 a day from work. He spent ½ on his groceries, how much did he spent on his groceries? $45

What is 5/9 of 45? 25

What is of 200? 120

What is 9/12 of 144? 108

Mum and I bought two bags of lollies from the dairy. In each bag there were 25 lollies. Mum ate of the lollies. How many lollies did she eat in total? 5

How many lollies were left over? 20

In the class 3 library there are  120 books, Miss Clark has read ¼ of them, how many books has she read? 30

Create an image with 32 boxes. Shade in ¼ of the boxes. 1/4 of 32= 8

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Lost In The Ranges- By Normal Bilbrough, Questions and answers

Lost in the Ranges by Norman Bilbrough
School Journal Part 4 Number 3 1995

WALT: Skim and scan for information
Authors viewpoint - finding evidence in the text

Success Criteria: I can skim and scan the text and find key information.
I can determine and think about how the writer is feeling what going through in this article.

Answer the following questions in red:

Referring to the title of the article what do you think the text is about? I think this article is about somebody lost somewhere.

Have you ever been lost before? Yes. What are your experiences of being lost? I was scared and I panicked. Where were you, what happened? I was at the markets and my family was walking to go to some other stand, but I didn’t know so I turned around and they weren’t there. I ran around the market looking for them but I couldn’t find them. Eventually I saw them standing at the toys stand and I quickly ran straight
to them.

What type of text is this article e.g is it someone’s explanation of what happened, (refer to the first page). I think this type of text in this article is some saying/explaining where they were and what happened to them.

What does Bryan states he was the “youngest in the party”? He’s the youngest person there and tramping with all of these bigger/older people than him. He must feel pleased to be going tramping with people older than him. He also must feel cool since he’s hanging out with the older kids and bigger kids than himself.

What was Bryan’s reading for taking part in this tramp? He felt pleased, cool but maybe even nervous. He must of had all of these emotions rushing through him.

Where about is this group of boys hiking? They were hiking in Alpha Hut, which is just near Mt Alpha. What is the temperature and climate like at this place? It is very cold but the weather is fine and clear.

What had Bryan carried in his bag for this trip? He carried his group food, his clothes, his sleeping bag, chocolate chip biscuits and nibble food.

Even though the weather was fine and clear it was cold. Why is it important to keep warm in situations such as this? It is important because you could freeze to death, especially when you go through strong and cold winds. But anytime you go tramping here you’ll have to be wearing warm clothes. Also your backpack with all of you’re spare clothes in it could go missing and if your wearing not enough layers of clothing you’ll be freezing.

Bryan refers to his fall as “tobogganing”. What is tobogganing? Its a rough/bumpy ride. Why has Bryan compared his fall to this? Because he had slipped, and slid down to the cliff. He thought he was going to stop but he didn’t, he then took a tumble over the edge and somersaulted in the air. He took a rough slide/ride down the mountain.

After this fall, how do you think Bryan is feeling? I think Bryan was feeling hurt, scared, weak and he probably thought he was going to die. Is he injured? Yes he was badly injured, he had a cut above his eye and his hands were also cut and swollen. After he called out help he blacked out and was unconscious for about five hours.


Do you think the situation Bryan is currently in is dangerous? Yes. Why / why not? Because first of all he’s blacked out, he has no food, he’s lost, he’s injured, he lost his backpack that had his spare clothes, food, sleeping bag and other stuff in it.

Predict what you think will happen next? He’ll probably be rescued by someone or maybe even wake up and find a place to stay, then start to find his backpack and group members.

It seems as though Bryan has now been separated from the rest of his group? He is now separated from his group/group members.

If you were Bryan would you stay put and wait for someone to rescue you? Or would you seek help? I would seek help, because probably by the time someone had come to rescue me, I would already be badly, badly injured.

How do you think the rest of the group will react to Bryan’s falling and injury? I think they’ll be shocked and look after him very well.

Refer to the map on the next page, what information does this give us about where the accident happened and where Bryan was found? There are labels that say where the accident happened, where Bryan is, Route of Southern Crossing, School party continued along Renata Ridge to raise alarm, River rescue and Ambulance pick-up.

Thursday/ Friday:

How had the group members described Bryan’s falling as?
It says in the text “he just disappeared it was like he was never there”
What had Bryan lost on his way down, how does this affect his chances of survival? And keeping safe? He lost his backpack which had his food in it, his spare clothing, his sleeping bag and group food. This affects his chances of survival because he has no food, no dry clothes and no sleeping bag. He could freeze and maybe even starve.

Bryan tries to climb back up the hill, is this a good idea? No. Why/ why not? Because he has just been injured and he might slip again and injure himself some more.

What was Bryan glad about wearing? Bryan was glad that he had put on wooly clothes, and heaps of layers. For what reason do you think he was glad about this? It kept him warm so he didn’t get really, really cold.

Bryan had no food with him, what are his chances of survival? Very small. What do you think he should do to keep himself energised? Drink plenty of water and believe that you’ll make it. Why do you think this? Because water keeps you hydrated and when you believe that you can make it, you usually do.

Where had the rest of the group disappeared to when Bryan returned to find them? Bryan climbed up to the ridge again to go to the search party’s camp, but they weren’t at their camping site.

How do you think he is feeling to reach the Site with no one there? He must feel very sad but at the same time determined to find someone that can help him.

Bryan states he wasn’t worried or scared. How would you be feeling in this situation? I would be feeling a whole lot of different emotions such as scared, frightened, hungry, weak, hopeless, but I would feel determined to find someone that could help me.

Bryan’s parents have now been notified as the rest of the group has now let the authorities know. His parent’s are waiting ‘anxiously’ how do do you think they are feeling, finding out their son is missing and injured? They must of been feeling anxious, worried, scared, very sad, depressed, heartbroken, unhappy, sorrowful and down.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fraction Presentaion (Octagons)

 My fraction presentation is now finished. It is my first time working with fractions and I'm hoping to move on into a area that is higher then this one.

Taeshell Add/Sub Yr 8- Strategy 1

 This is my DLO and my vocaroo recording. I am learning to solve addition problems with hundredths by CHANGING ONE NUMBER NUMBER INTO A WHOLE NUMBER. This is my vocaroo recording-"

My Fraction Think Board

This is my think board I have finished. I am learning about fractions and I'm hoping to master it.