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The Glass Boy - Questions 4 - 9

Other questions on page 4 - 5

Visual Features:
What hidden messages are conveyed in the images? I think in the image there lies sadness, unhappiness, sorrow and dejection. Why do you think the illustrator has shown the contrast in lighting? I think the illustrator did this because they wanted to show sadness, and the colours of unhappiness.

Brood- Something that makes a certain person unhappy, upset, angry or worried.

Reading Between The Lines
Why do you think the author included details of Pietro’s impoverished family? I think they included this to tell how Pietro ended up working for Maestro Battono.

Is there an underlying reason here? Yes.

Why do you think this? I think this because the author wanted to tell whoever is reading this, how he ended up where he is now, and why.

        Other Questions on page 6 - 7
Language Features
What literary devices has the author used here? They have used similes, metaphors and also alliteration. Why do you think she has used them? She used it because she wanted her work to be effective. How did it help you create a mental image? The words made sense and made me picture a mental image in my head.

How effectively has the author described the glasswork foundry and the glassmaking process of the time? They have described it in really good detail and it is effective. Is the historical context credible? Yes. Why/why not? Because they’ve been using these types of things to make glass.

Beyond The Text
Can you relate to Pietro’s fascination with the art of glassmaking? I think that glassmaking would be really cool and fun, but being in there all the time without coming out would be really boring and depressing. What connections can you make? It sounds like glassmaking can be great but also not so great at other times.

Limestone- A hard rock that is used to make materials and the making of cement
Arsenic- A element of a certain material and a brittle steel-grey semimetal
Plant Ash- The residue of burned plant parts such as wood, bark, leaves, pulp and others
Silica- A hard colourless compound, the constituent of sandstone and other rocks.

Aventurine Glass- A gold-coloured particle   

Other Questions On Page 8 - 9

Pietro thinks of himself as only a lowly servant. What is your view on the issue of social prejudice? I think that this is really sad. Discrimination is not acceptable. How can people avoid social prejudice today? They can ignore what they think and keep positive.

Nobility- Being true to yourself and others, and honest
Gondola- A boat used on Venetian Canals
Palazzo- A palatial building

Pietro wonders, “Who would ever wish to leave Venice?” What inferences can you make from this? I think he said this because since Maestro battono said that they would cut off his hands or kill him. He thought to himself that “Who would ever wish to leave Venice”.

The Life Education Caravan

Throughout our time at the Life Education Caravan we learnt a lot about what drugs are and how they affect and impact our bodies. The purpose of us attending the Life Education is, it will educate us to make the right choices, because during our life-time there will be tough decisions that we’ll have to make. Lynn also taught us about the function and process of our brains.

When people choose to put drugs into their bodies, they are either stressed, its an addiction, they want to look cool in front of their mates, or they were brought up around drugs. It can damage our brains, and cause impacts on other people around us. Drug-addicts don’t realize that when they make really bad decisions, it can influence on their own families. It is similar to a ripple, if you were to drop a little stone into a pond it starts off in the centre, and works its way out in all different directions. Its the same with the choices you intend to make.

Have you ever wondered why alcohol creates problems and accidents? Well... a lot of teenagers and young people are always binge drinking, that means drinking non-stop until they pass out. As the alcohol gets put into the body, it travels throughout the whole body and into the blood system. A local could be driving but they have had heaps to drink, they come up to a pedestrian crossing and can’t stop. Why? Because the neurons don’t travel fast enough for it to tell them to brake. By that time an accident has occurred. Alcohol causes our neurons in our body to not travel up to the speed they are supposed to go. There is a big risk when you drink-drive.

We live in a world where drugs and alcohol is truly easy to get a hold of. But.... there is a age restriction while going to purchase alcohol. Eighteen-years old or over is the age restriction. It is also exceptionally easy to find people who deal-drugs. We watched a video at the Life Education Caravan about a man named Jason. He was a drug-addict and did time in prison. When he got out he held a piece of paper, and written on it was a whole heap of bills that he had to pay. While he walks down the street he always keeps a look out for anyone that he’s done deals with. He gets frightened and scared because he owes people money and always has to be on guard, just in case they try to harm him.

Lynn specifically told us drugs don’t choose people, people choose drugs. Everyone has potential and everyone has a goal. You get the opportunity to choose the right path that’ll take you to success. Or you can either go down the path towards a bad and unpleasant life. If you do choose to go on drugs, you may not reach your full potential and goals.

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Think Board

This is my think board that shows one of the strategy's that I am learning. Right now I have finished it and posted it.

The Glass Boy By Melaina Faranda

WALT: Reflect on the text.

Success Criteria: I can reflect on the text from a critical perspective.

Looking at the images and colours and illustrations what vibe do we get from the text? I think that the vibe in the text is tense and sad.

Read the Bet and Predict what time period do you think this story was set in? The story was set in the morning at around the 17-1800's.

What helped you form your opinion?
I found evidence from the text. They had been working all night. Already a pale beam of light was creeping through the stone slits near the foundry roof. Soon the bells would peal for the people of venice to rise and hurry to work.

Clarify the following selected words on page 2:
Foundry- A factory or a workshop that makes metal
Maestro- A conductor
Doge- The chief of Venice or Genoa
Noble Families- Wealthy  and healthy families
Blasphemy- The offence of speaking about God or sacred things
Oath- A promise that is made

Who are the characters in the text? Pietro, Maestro Battono, Maestro Mancini
What do we know about them?
Pietro- works in the factory
Maestro Battono- Insulted one of the other workers
Maestro Mancini- Was insulted

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

What I Learnt At Life Education

During my time at Life Education I learnt a lot about how drugs affect the human body. I learnt that people actually think that alcohol doesn't affect our brain and body's, but it indeed does. We watched movies about people who have chosen to go on the path towards drugs, and ended up in prison. Some people chose to do drugs because their friends were doing it, they wanted to look cool, they were stressed, they were brought up around drugs and have experienced it. Lynn told us to chose the right pathway and discover our full potential, because everyone has dreams. "Drugs don't choose people, people choose drugs".

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Tennis originated in northern France in the 12th century. It wasn't until the sixteenth century rackets were invented. Before rackets came into place they used their hands to hit the ball. At this time locals were beginning to create a new type of sport called "Tennis". Popularity of this exciting sport grew high in England and France, although this game was only played particularly indoors. Tennis started from a french game called “Jeu De Paume”. A person calledCharles VIII” sadly died in 1948 after hitting his head on a door during a real tennis match.

This game is played in all countries or all over the world. It is normally played with one person on each side of a low, tight tennis net. Sometimes they play with teams of two. Each player uses a tennis racket, and has to strike a hollow rubber ball over the net and onto the opponents court. The ball is only in play for about 20 minutes of an average two-and-a-half-hour tennis court. For single matches, the length of the tennis court is normally 78 feet, and the width is 27 feet.

The objective of the game is to play the ball in a way that the opponent is not able to play a good return. The best way to win is to make them run around. Hitting the ball to the sides makes them tired, but only if you do this repeatedly. As soon as they strike the ball back at you, you get the opportunity to hit it to the side once more. By doing this frequently eventually they’ll get exhausted. Great hand and eye co-ordination is really important. As well as fantastic fitness skills, and good stamina.

Play Word-Web

This is my popplet that shows synonyms for the word "PLAY". I managed to find 23 words that relate to Play.

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Maths Presentation

Reading Activity- Stand Up

WALT: Make inferences and apply the text.

What is globalisation? The process of developing international influences. Also connecting people all around the world. It allows people to try different things from other countries.

What is the purpose of the words in bold? They tell us that the words are important and this page mainly reflects on those words.

Who does globalization affect? Different cultures and other people in the world. It connects people all over the world.

For what reason does it affect these people? The income for people in China is increasing and still is. It is making poor countries even poorer. People are forced into slave-like conditions. They have to work all day, every day just to be able to feed themselves and their family.

How does Globalisation give us new opportunities? Globalisation connects all races and cultures and teaches us not to be prejudiced and afraid of differences. It gives us the opportunity to talk to other people in the world as well as eating their foods, listen to their music, watch their films, read their books and buy their clothes, furniture and designs. We get things from different countries

Research how does globalisation create and increase wealth? “Globalisation not only gives us richer economies, it creates one world. it makes countries co-operate with each other”. It also helps us to be updated with the latest technology.

How might globalisation make countries cooperate with one another? It connects us with different people and cultures from all around the world. We can watch their films and listen to their music as well as eating and enjoying their food. We can also buy things they make.

Does the world need globalisation? Yes, I think that the world needs globalisation because we need to communicate more with different people all around the world and buy a range of things from different sorts of countries.

Imagine a world without it, what do you think our world would be like? I think our world would be dull. When you're sharing your business and making it active all around the world, countries would be very poor because they haven't been trading with others. They would also not be gaining a whole lot of friendship. You might like to do your own research

Who does globalisation affect? It affects the poor countries. For what reason does it affect these groups of people? Since they are creating globalisation they need more money, since they don’t have enough of it they are taking it from people in their country. People work for only a small amount of money every day, so that they can feed themselves.

Do you think globalisation is a positive or negative? It think that it is a positive thing for some countries but a negative for others. For what reason do you think this. I think this because some countries can get their income increased and have barely enough money for themselves. but others have enough money to give and also to spend on their families and themselves as well. Certain countries have big problems with money, but other don’t have any problems at all. This causes huge financial problems for people in certain countries that are poor.

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Maths Thinkboard

This is my think board. It includes negative numbers and a tiny bit of algebra. I have now completed it.

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Adding and Subtracting Integers

Maths Thinkboard

100th Anniversary Of The Word War 1

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the World War 1. New Zealand sent Men to fight for our country and thousands of soldiers died. All government buildings including schools have set their flags for half-mast, remembering all those who put their lives on the line, so that we could have a better future. "Lest We Forget", and may we always remember those who fought for our country.

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Commonwealth Games Explanation

The Commonwealth Games are an international sporting event that involves athletes from all of the commonwealth countries. It contains a variety of different sports plus, it is commonly known as the “Friendly Games”.  Every four years it is held, except for the years 1942 and 1946 due to the second world war. They are held in different places all around the world. The commonwealth games have a unique place in the sporting history.

Not all countries are allowed to participate in the Commonwealth Games, this is because they currently do not have “Queen Elizabeth” as their queen. Only countries who have her as their head of state can be involved in this very special event. 71 countries sent 6,500 athletes to compete in 17 different sports at the 2014 Glasgow, Commonwealth Games. Previously, only 11 countries could take part in the Games, with only 400 athletes sent to represent their country.

The first ever Commonwealth Games were held in 1930 in Hamilton, Canada. 11 countries sent 400 athletes to compete. They took part in 6 sports and 59 events. Edinburgh hosted the games in 1970 and 1986, surprisingly some countries have held it twice. Throughout all these years since 1930 the Commonwealth Games have been active. New Zealand has held the games three times, twice in Auckland and, also once in Christchurch. The Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games will be Scotlands biggest multi-sport event. Hopefully New Zealand tries their hardest to earn medals for our country. Surely they’ll do us proud.

Training is really important to every single competitor competing in the Commonwealth Games. If they really want to be awarded a gold medal in whatever sport they are participating in, they would really need to train a lot. They would need to find the right time to train, along with spending time with family members and doing other things. 4 - 6 hours a day for training is reasonable enough. But some athletes take on about 7 hours of training, each day. Practise, practise, practise makes perfect.