Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ruatapu's Revenge

I have been reading the journal story Ruatapu’s Revenge retold by Hone Taumaunu. In the end Ruatapu turns into a taniwha, and Pikea rides on a whale to find a new land - Aotearoa.

Monday, June 18, 2012


I have tried to copy Arcimbolod's style using flowers.

My Van Gogh Replica


I've attempted to copy Vincent Van Gogh's painting Vincent’s Chair with his pipe. It was painted in December 1888, this man painted all his paintings with oil paint. I tried to copy his technique, and his style.

When I compare my painting and the original painting the blue background is similar. I’ve been trying to get the right color, it took me quite a while but it was worth it. I tried my best to make big brush strokes.

I think that the outline of the tiles are different to Vincent Van Gogh’s original. I supposed to make the outline thin but instead I made it thick.

Another difference on my painting that’s not the same is the the centre of the chair. Making the brown lighter and thinner is what I had to do. But guess what? I forgot to change it.

The green wall and the blue background is what I’m happy with. This is because it looks exactly the same as the original. These two things are the same but, Van Gogh’s blue background and his green wall is better than mine.

The message is a poor old person’s woven chair, and it is simple. It is a quite, peaceful and happy painting. It shows his tobacco and his pipe.

I definitely know how I can improve my work. Changing the outline of the tiles is the first thing I would like to change, I want to make the lines thinner. Secondly I want to change the centre of my chair.

I really like painting Van Gogh’s painting Vincent’s Chair With His Pipe. If you think that this painting is easy to paint well it’s not, because you have to make big brush strokes and you also have to make it exactly the same.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Vincent Van Gogh's Chair With His Pipe

I have been attempting to paint Van Gogh's Vincent Van Gogh's Chair With His Pipe.