Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bio Poem

My Bio Poem

Taeshell Makita
Quiet, caring, kind, generous
Daughter of Shelley, Taepae. Sister of T.j, Chelsea, little Shelley, Angel
Lover of chocolate, sunny days and family
Who feels happy when I see my family, excited when I go someplace I’ve never been before, relaxed when the weekdays are over.
Who has been to Ollies ( ice cream place), Skateland, Wild Water pools
Who needs family, laughter, happiness.
Who fears spiders, funerals, horror movies
Who would someday like to go to the Cook Islands, France, Aitutaki
Resident of Glen Innes

1 comment:

  1. Hi Taeshell I like your Bio Poem I will someday like to go to the Cook Islands.I am someone who Fears of spiders and I need My Family all the time great work and KEPP IT UP .