Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Camp Argument

At the year seven and eight camps its boring because we have to sleep in tents, wake up early, and we don’t get to pick our own teams so that we can be with our mates. Another reason is that we don’t like swimming in the beach. Overall we think that we shouldn’t have a year seven and eight camp.

Firstly at camp we have to sleep in tents and we think thats not fair. By the time we get to year seven and eight we have already experienced that so we would really like to do something different. Perhaps we could sleep in the classrooms. After sleeping in a tent all night getting up is really bad because we always have a sore back.

Secondly we hate waking up early. We would much prefer to sleep in for a little bit longer, but the teachers start getting grumpy at camp if we do that. Its quite annoying sometimes, especially when we have to do jump jam as soon as we wake up.

One last reason for us to not going to the year 7 and 8 camp, is that we swim in the beach, which we don’t really enjoy that much. We think that swimming in the beach is not really nice because, there are a lot of sharp shells and rocks that cut your feet.

Well.... thats our opinion.

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