Thursday, July 26, 2012

Chariot Racing

Chariot Racing is very dangerous, a lot of people died from competing in this event. The aim of Chariot Racing is to knock people over. To win the race you have to cross the finishing line without crashing. Alcibiades is a famous Chariot racer.

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Why Does A Bee Sting

Rarely bees sting if they are provoked. As a rule they sting only if they are driven away, or threatened. The stinger is a weapon that nature has given them, they use it for self defence.

The bee's stinger is really a fine sharp barbed tube, that a drop of poison can be injected. It is the Worker bees that sting.

We often hear a bee can sting once then it dies. What generally happens is that we knock the bee away, tearing the sting from its body. It injures the bee so badly it ends up dieing.

A bee can sting as often as we allow it, only if we don’t pull the stinger away from the bees body.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ancient Olympics

Do you know that boys in Greece learnt to wrestle? This was because in Greece they were always trying to win wars and take over countries. Greece was very powerful, until the romans came and took over them.

The place where the boys learnt to wrestle was school! Yes that’s right school. It did cost for parents to send their kids there, that’s why mostly rich people sent their kids to wrestling school.

Olympic Symbols

At the opening of the games the torch is brought to the stadium by the last relay runner. They leave it in the stadium throughout the entire length of the game, as they leave it continues to burn. When it’s the final day  of the Olympics the torch is extinguished.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Olympic Symbols

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The 5 coloured rings blue, black, red, yellow and green represents everyone in different countries. They are interlocking because when the Olympics starts all the Athletes comes together and competes. Baron Pierre De Coubertin is the person who designed the Olympic symbol, with the 5 rings.

When the games start the Olympic flag is brought to the stadium, and then it is hoisted up the flagpole. The 5 Rings appear on a white background.
The flag will come down when it’s the Closing Ceremony. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Exciting P.E.P.A Performance

On Wednesday all of PEPA (Point England Performing Arts) had to perform on the stage. It was such a big challenge for all of us. The Ballet group had to do two sections, the first section was Contemporary, and the second one was Ballet.

It was such a big experience for me. When auditions were on and I heard there was a Ballet group, straight away I wanted to sign up for it. Guess what? We didn’t even have to audition for it.

Sometimes I got the moves wrong but I just kept on going, I said to myself “I will rather have fun then be so concentrated on the moves, and look around like I don’t know what to do”. My favourite move is the glesard, because I like moving around. Clock is my second favourite move.

We had approximately one month of Ballet practice. I knew that we were ready for the performance, every time when Hannah came we always liked to practice. She inspired us to keep going, when we didn’t feel like dancing.

When it came to the performance my legs were shaking and I was soo nervous, but I managed. I didn’t know where to look in the audience so I just looked at the exit sign. I smiled and laughed a little bit when we were all doing the parade.

Next year I might join senior hip hop. But if not hip hop I might join Ballet again. Hannah has inspired me to dance.