Monday, October 14, 2013

Immersion Assembly Writing Sample

We were given 40 minutes to write about a good memory, then put it up on our blog.

Immersion Assembly

The hall was filled with students, teachers and even parents that had came to watch the immersion assembly. Everybody wanted to know what they were going to be learning about this term. We all ended up finding out that“What In The World Is Going On” was our topic for this term. Excitement quickly travelled around the hall.

Finally it was time to watch the performances that the teachers had prepared for the first day of term 4. May I tell you that they were pretty funny, every show was funny in their own way. When it was team 3’s turn they had an amazing show and even handed out pancakes.

There were heaps of different shows about different things, which made it interesting. Overall the immersion assembly was really funny. “What In The World Is Going On”, now that’s something to investigate.

My two goals- Use more interesting words, Show not tell.
My two things I did well- Used variety of sentences, had good punctuation.

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