Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Day At Action World

On Friday all of the year 7’s were invited to go to Action World. “Action World!”, I said, “What's that?”. At first I wondered if there was action figures there? I wasn't sure. But it sounded pretty cool so I decided to bring in my $20 and my permission slip.

It was the day, the day that the year 7’s would go to Action World. We even got to wear tidy mufti. That morning we were suppose to come to school no later than 8.00, but I came at almost 8.30. I rushed into class and all the yr 7's were sitting in the street. Quietly I sat down and waited until it was time for us to go on the bus.

As the bus pulled up excitement rushed through my veins. “Finally”, I said to myself. It was a long bus ride until we got there, but eventually we did. I saw the big bouncy castles and all of the events. It looked so cool. First we got split into groups and started to do the events.

We went through all of the obstacles and then had morning tea, after we had finished eating we got to have free time on any of the events that we already done. I would have to say that my highlight is the Free Climb because I almost made it to the top, and my lowlight was the Crazy Ladder because it hurt my leg.

There was a lot of cool obstacles like the Crazy Ladder, Free Climb, Tra-peeze, High Wire, Low Wire, Jump n Slide, Jousting Bridge and the Jungle Swings. I went on the Tra-peeze, it was pretty high off the ground. At first I was scared but I eventually tried it.

The whistle blew and it was time for us to go back to school. “NO!”, I said out loud. I didn't want to go, but we had to so I went. It wasn't a long ride back to school because there wasn't that much traffic. We got back to school, by then I felt exhausted.

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