Wednesday, August 17, 2011


In Dunedin People made snowmen. They put their scarfs, hats and gloves on their snowmen. They also put carrots for the nose and buttons for the eyes. Other people didn't make one or even two. But some made three or even more snowmen. Mostly people make them in a flat place so they don’t fall over on the cold and soft snow.

Monday, August 15, 2011

The First Rugby Ball

In the 1800s the first rugby ball that had been invented was made out of pig’s bladder. There were no pumps in those days, it was very unhealthy and some people didn't like the idea of putting a pigs bladder in their mouth.

A pig’s bladder stores urine. There was no standard size for a rugby ball back in those days. So instead of using a pig’s bladder to blow up a rugby ball they used a stem of a clay pipe to blow through, The old rugby ball smelled extremely smelly. In 1840 two shoe- makers made rugby balls for the local school, hand pumps had been invented so people no longer had to blow up a rugby ball by lung power.

The rugby balls today are easy to blow up. Now they can come in a variety of sizes. Rugby balls today are made out of rubber bladders. Also the rugby ball that we have now are detailed with colours and drawings, not like the old rugby ball, it was just brown when I saw a picture of it in a journal.