Monday, November 21, 2011

Star-Dome Trip

Earlier this week we went to Star-dome for a field trip. While we were there we decided to go for a walk up One Tree Hill.

We walked down steep craters and up long walls of grass. With difficulty I tried to keep up with the class. I saw heaps of students struggling with their heavy bags on their backs. When I was at the edge of the crater, it was slippery and people went tumbling and rolling down.

I felt absolutely happy when I got down to the rocky crater.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Yum Ice-Cream Comets

Would you want to know what Room 15 made on Tuesday? Well room 15 made comets out of icy cold ice-cream. When I heard that we were going to make comets out of ice-cream I said " no thanks I don't want any ". I saw a 5 liter ice-cream and the flavor was chocolate.

I also saw two packets of cornet cones and a big packet of biscuits. Mr Marks grabbed all of the biscuits out of the packet, put them in a bag, with a powerful impact Mr marks smashed, crushed and bashed it on the table. Then Hope had a turn but she crushed it with the rolling-pin.

Our comets were ready to be made. Mr Marks scooped the ice-cream and we had to dunk it into the crushed up biscuits. He said to me " come and have some ice-cream ", so I went and got some. I thought it was disgusting but when I tasted it it tasted delicious.

Hungrily I slurped up my ice-cream. As I was eating it, it slowly melted through my fingers. When I walked past I looked down at the dried floor and there was heaps of crumbs from the biscuits. I went to the table and there were people standing around it because they were picking at the smashed, crushed and bashed biscuits.

Finally when every body finished their ice-cream comets we got to talk about them. The comets tasted very nice. Some people were scavenging for more.