Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My DLO For My Maths

My group is working on some new strategies and I chose to do a DLO to show that I know this strategy. For example, a painter uses 6 cans of paint to paint 2 fences. How many cans of paint does he need to paint 9 fences (all the fences are the length).

First I need to draw a line to separate the cans of paint and the fences. At the top we write 6 because he uses 6 cans to paint 2 fences, at the end of the line we leave that space blank because we want to know how many cans of paint he needs to paint 9 fences.

Secondly we need to write at the bottom 2, because he paints 2 fences using 6 cans of paint, next we have to write 9 at the end of the line because he needs to paint 9 fences. To get the answer I have to do 2x3 which equals 6, next I have to do 3x9 and that equals 27. So I know that he needs 27 cans of paint to paint 9 fences. This is really quite easy when you get to know this strategy.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thinking Taeshell, It does in fact seem like you know your ratios, however, I think that a video of you using this strategy would make it even clearer for me.