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Lots Word - Web

This is my popplet. I found 24 synonyms for lots. I used this site > to make my popplet.

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Number Knowledge Week 8

 This is my knowledge presentation for week 8. I have now completed it and have published it on my blog for people to view.

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Future Aspirations 2014

We had some very special guests come to talk to the Year 7 and 8 students at Point England school, this morning. Four people came to tell their stories of how they became who or what they are now. These people were Anthony Samuels, Paula Fakalata and Amelia. Paula was one of the speakers who traveled to our school to inspire us. His story was really inspiring and I think made people want to try to get some where in life, and also look for something that they want to do in the future. Paula's story was that he wanted to help people whether its relationships with people, bullying or any types of problems.

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Manaiakalani Film Festival 2014

Knowing that today was the Manaiakalani Film Festival filled my stomach with butterflies. I quickly got ready, as the thought of attending the Film Festival filled my mind. As I arrived at school I darted into the class, with anticipation and excitement. “When will we be going?”, I thought to myself. All of the senior students eventually got the news that we’ll be having morning tea early, so that we can make our session at about 11:30 or 12:00.

A couple of hours later it was time for the senior block to leave and go to the Event Cinemas. Three fairly old buses pulled up outside of the school as the bus drivers waited patiently, for all the students and teachers to hop on. I automatically hopped on any bus, eager to get to the Cinemas. As we got closer and closer to Sylvia Park on the bus, excitement rapidly filled me. Suddenly the bus stopped, and I heard Mr Barks announce that we had arrived at Sylvia Park. I speedily jumped out of my seat and headed for the door.

As I began walking through the entrance of the Event Cinemas, different schools from the Manaiakalani Film Festival Cluster were walking out of the door. I strolled excitedly along down the walkway, and made my way through the doors and into Cinema 3. At the moment that I walked up the steps, I scanned rapidly for an adequate place to sit. It had to be a place that I could easily see and is comfortable for me. Eventually after browsing for a great seat I found one, right on the middle. As I sat down quickly, eager to watch the Film Festival Movies, I waited patiently.

Suddenly the lights went dim and the movie began. At first a person that attended Tamaki College introduced the Manaiakalani Film Festival, then it went straight into the first movie which was our class’s one. Our movie contained kindness and caring for each other. Henry and Mua were our presenters for the movie, and as they began saying their last lines, everyone in the Cinema clapped and cheered. After the movie had finished playing, a huge ripple of applause spreaded across the cinema.

My absolute favourite movie was “The Bowl Cut”. There are many reasons why I adore this video, my number one reason is because it’s entertaining and funny. Especially when they explain the process of how to do a bowl cut and the materials needed, their voices were very amusing. Reason number 2 is that they had really good actors, you can’t make a movie without superior actors. Overall I truly enjoyed the Manaiakalani Film Festival. Hopefully there’ll be another one next year, because I’m really looking forward to seeing some new movies.

Maths Think-board

This is my maths think-board. The question was 5/6 of 48? There is a diagram to show my thinking, the strategy I used, a word story problem I have written on my own and last but not least 10 other similar questions.

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Maths Think-board

This is my maths think board. I have now completed it and have posted it on my blog for people to have a look at what I am learning.

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Triangle Addition

                                                                    Triangle Addition.

Quickly Word-Web

The word that we had to find synonyms for was "Quickly". I found 17 words, and have now completed it.

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Kowhaiwhai Reading Activity

What is Kowhaiwhai?

Kowhaiwhai are beautiful painted design patterns. At first, kowhaiwhai patterns can be viewed as decoration only, but closer examination shows that they involve sophisticated mathematical precision.  These patterns include symmetry, rotation, reflection and translation.

The koru or pitau is the most basic design element of kowhaiwhai. These are curving stalks with bulbs at one end. They bear a striking resemblance to the young shoot of a native fern.

After the koru or pitau, the next main motif or pattern of kowhaiwhai is the crescent or kape. This is characterised by a line of evenly placed white circles on the outer edge of the crescent.

The koru or pitau and the kape, are all that make up the list of basic kowhaiwhai motifs. However when used in various combinations these two patterns can create many varying designs of incredible depth.

1. Why does it say that kowhaiwhai are more than just decoration? Kowhaiwhai are beautiful painted design patterns. They involve sophisticated mathematical precision.

2. Describe the two main patterns of kowhaiwhai? The koru and the pitau.

An Artform

Stories that explain the origin of kowhaiwhai all say that it is an art form secondary in importance to wood carving (whakairo) and tattooing (ta moko). When kowhaiwhai is compared to wood-carving and tattooing, there are several contrasts.  Apart from the obvious differences of how they are created, kowhaiwhai is seen as something more temporary. It is not seen as having  lasting value, so requires no special ritual and no formal training. It is considered to be a common (noa) activity and so therefore, can be carried out by anyone.

The colours red, black and white are often the only colours that appear in kowhaiwhai patterns. Red was obtained by mixing red ochre with shark-liver oil.  Black paint was made by mixing shark oil with powdered charcoal. For white paint, taioma or pipeclay was burned then pulverised and mixed with oil.

3. Why is kowhaiwhai seen as less important than whakairo and ta moko? It is an art form secondary in importance to wood carving.

4. Why do you think whakairo and ta moko was carried out by anyone? Because it is a common activity.


One oral account from Ngati Kahungunu, traces the origin of both wood-carving and kowhaiwhai. It tells us that:

When Whiro, Haepuru and Haematua climbed up to the second heaven to obtain carvings for their house, they were told by one of the gods that the art of decorating houses with wood carvings had already been taken away by their younger brothers. Whiro and his two friends complained to the god that they could not go begging to their younger brothers for the art, so the god showed them how to embellish a house with painted designs.
Whiro and the others then descended and adorned their own house with painted designs.( Best (1982:287-8…)

5. Why couldn't Whiro, Haepuru and Haemata get carvings for their house? Because their younger brothers had already taken it.

Look at these words in the article and see if you can work out their meaning from the context. Then look up and write down the definition from the dictionary

Precision: Great quality, or fact of being precise or exact
Resemblance: Two things being alike
Motif: A decorated or detailed design
Secondary: Less important than something else, or resulting from something or someone.
Temporary: Something lasting for a certain or limited amount of time
Pulverised: Crushed or reduced into fine particles
Obtained: Get or acquire something
Embellished: By making something more eye-catching, with detail or special features
Adorn: Make something even more beautiful or attractive
Decoration: The process of art or making something more detailed

Popplet - Think

My popplet has synonyms for the word think. I managed to find 20 words for think. I made this with

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Maths Thinkboard

This is my maths fraction think-board. The question was 4/9 of 63= ? I managed to complete and solve the problem. On the think-board it has a diagram that shows my thinking, the strategy I used, a word story problem of my own and last but not least 10 other similar questions.

Current Events Six Thinking Hats

 This is my Current Events Six Thinking Hats Presentation. I have now completed it.

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Fr/dec/% Year 8 - WALT solve word problems that involve moving between fractions, ratios, decimals and percentages.

 This is my maths presentation that is completed. WALT solve word problems that involve moving between fractions, ratios, decimals and percentages.

How To Make A Celtic Knot- Explanation

To create a celtic knot, you initially have to research some patterns that you really like or admire. Think about cultural patterns, or a design that represents you as a person. After you’ve searched for a pattern or a suitable symbol, make sure it is not too simple or not too detailed. Furthermore you have to be able to fit your unique design on the celtic knot paper.

When you are certain with your pattern, draw it on a practice piece of paper. You additionally have to figure out what colours you’re going to place on it. After brainstorming a couple of ideas and having a think about what type of colors to use, put them to good use. Using the colours and pattern that you have chosen draw it on the celtic knot paper given. Since there is three pieces that make up one celtic knot, it is easier to have three people in a group. Each person creates one part each.

As you are finished illustrating you unique design on the celtic knot, trace over it with a black vivid. This is so you’ll be able to see the pattern nice and clearly. Once you have completed that step, it’s time for you to start colouring in. Using pastels, crayons, colouring pencils or whatever you have got, colour in your patterns nicely. Make sure that the colours that you’ve picked works really well together with one another.

Remember every single person in your group has to have theirs finished, otherwise it will not be formed into a celtic knot. Eventually when each person has completed their own piece of the celtic knot, gently and carefully place it on a black piece of paper. Be sure to glue it in the right position, so its not crooked. After completing that step smooth it out on the paper. Finally when all of the steps above are completely done and dusted, you have your celtic knot. You can hang it up on the wall or put it on display somewhere.

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Camp- Word Web

For my popplet I managed to find 27 words that relate to our "Year 8 Camp".

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Holiday Recount: Stimulating Holidays

As I awoke to the birds chirping early in the morning, excitement rushed through my veins. “Yesss”, I said loudly. “I better get ready now, as the movie starts at 11:00 O’clock”. I took a quick glimpse at my phone, “10:00!!!, I said anxiously. I rushed towards my drawers to find a pair of shorts, a t-shirt and a warm jumper. Quickly walking to the bathroom I ignored everything and everyone around me. I swung open the bathroom door and dashed in to get ready.

After getting changed I walked in the direction of my room, picked up my phone and saw as it was 10:20. “Not that long to go until I watch The Maze Runner with Cheyanne, her cousin and my sister”, I said nervously. As I waited for the clock to hit 10:30, I slipped on my socks and shoes and brushed my hair. I also had to wait for my sister to get ready as well. Finally, we were both dressed and ready to go, I scanned my wallet to check if I had enough money to buy the tickets and also some food.

Just before we left I texted Cheyanne to let her know that we were leaving now. “We’re off now Dad!”, my sister and I announced. “Okay, do you want me to drop you two off?”, “Sure”, I replied. As we hopped in the car and was driving off towards Sylvia Park, we spotted Cheyanne and Lana (Cheyanne’s cousin). We stopped by and gave them a ride as well. It wasn’t a really long ride before we arrived at Sylvia Park, but as soon as we got there butterflies filled my stomach. We all thanked my Dad for the ride and trudged off into the entrance.

We ambled throughout the mall zig zagging through people as we made our way to the movies. As we waited in line to get served we were politely greeted by a lady staff member, “How can I help you?”, she said politely. “Can I get two tickets to The Maze Runner please”, I replied. I handed her a voucher which was $16 for 2 people. I felt shocked when she said that we couldn’t use the voucher because of The Maze Runner was only played on the X-treme Screen. I called Cheyanne and her cousin over to tell them about the situation, so we all agreed to watch Step Up 5: All In. As we paid for our tickets I felt disappointed that we didn’t watch The Maze Runner. “The movie starts at 1:30pm”, I uttered quietly.

We had to wait for another 2 1/2 hours before the movie started, so during that time we walked to buy some food and sauntered around aimlessly through the mall. As we went back into the cinemas and sat down on the chair waiting, it felt like we were all sitting their for huge amount of time. I took a quick glimpse at my watch and read 1:10. Excitement flooded through me. Five minutes passed, it was time for us to go into the cinemas. As I got in, I found my seat, sat down and zipped open my bag to pull out my snacks. Approximately 5 minutes had already passed and the movie still hadn’t started, but another 2 minutes went by and it started. As I quickly grabbed my biscuits at the side of me, I tried not to miss any bit of the movie.

The movie was really interesting, especially when they were dancing and performing. As the movie finished I shoved my rubbish into my bag, zipped it up and began walking towards the train station. My legs were aching from walking, so I couldn’t wait to get onto the train and go home. As we all paid for our tickets, the train arrived and was going in the same direction as us. We hopped on the train, sat down and waited until we arrived at Glen Innes Train Station. As we walked home with the sun shining, I began to get exhausted. As soon as I got home, I was relieved. Overall Step Up: All In, was pretty amazing.

The Basic Colour Theory- Answers

Why are the basic colours organised into categories? They are sorted into categories so it can separate , the color wheel, color harmony, and the context of how colors are used

What are the three primary colours? Red, Yellow, Blue

Who developed the first colour wheel? Sir Isaac Newton. Why do you think this would have been so important? This would have been important because

What are secondary colours and how are they made? The secondary colors are green, orange and purple

Explain and summarise colour harmony? Harmony is a balance of colours used in one painting. It balances the colours, and the visual experience. If something is not harmonious, that means in that case it's either boring or chaotic. Its not that appeal to the human eye and becomes boring. If something has extreme visual experience, its bland. The viewer is not engaged because, it is so chaotic that the viewer can't stand to look at it.

What are analogous colours? Analogous colors are any three colors which are side by side on a 12 part color wheel.

What are complimentary colours? The complementary colours are the two colours which are directly opposite to each other.

What is hue? Either a colour or a shade.

How many tertiary colours are there? There are six tertiary colours, red-orange, yellow-orange, yellow-green, blue-green, blue-violet, red-violet.

Thinking about various countries, Indians celebrate Diwali a festival of colours.
Research and state five facts about the Diwali festival.

  1. Diwali is an ancient Hindu Festival celebrated in autumn every year
  2. Diwali is the Indian festival of light
  3. They make Barfi, it is part of their Indian traditional food
  4. It also welcome friends and family, bringing happiness together
  5. Diwali lasts for five days

How have colours now changed compared to when they were originally categorised? Before colours were categorised they were not designed or studied, the colours were not really looked into or even studied.

Find the definition for the following words:

Pigment: Pigments that are used for manufacturing and in visual arts are dry colorants

Derived: Obtain something/ Take something from

Harmonious: For something being a harmonious blend, pleasant

Chaotic: In a state of confusion and disorder

Contrast: Being different from something else or someone else

Stability: Being stable and firm

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Yr 8-2 WALT solve subtraction problems with hundredths by changing the second number into a whole number.

 This is my presentation that I have now completed. WALT solve subtraction problems with hundredths by changing the second number into a whole number.

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Triangle Addition

This is my triangle addition that I have now completed. 

Subtraction Thinkboard

This is my think board that I have now completed. It shows a diagram that has my thinking, the strategy that I used, a word story problem and 10 other similar questions. The equation is 53.43 - 18.68= ?

Friday, October 17, 2014

Subtraction Thinkboard

This is my subtraction think board that I have now completed. There is a diagram to show my thinking, the strategy that I used, a word story problem I have written and 10 other similar questions. The equation was 13.29 - 7.81? The answer that I managed to get was 5.48.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Taeshell Yr 8 - 1 WALT solve addition problems with hundredths by changing one number into a whole number.

 This is my presentation that I have now completed now. WALT solve addition problems with hundredths by changing one number into a whole number.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

New Topic - "Art Attack"

On the first day of school for Term 4, we had a special assembly. It wasn't like any other one, because we were about to know what our topic for term 4 is. As we walked into the school hall, on the big screen it said "Art Attack". Straight away I knew that it had something to do with art. The teachers went on stage and acted or they either had a movie that we could watch. It started with Team 1, then Team 2, Team 3, Team 4 and last was Team 5. My most favorite one was Team 5's, because they had a really interesting movie playing on the big screen. They also had all of the teachers up on stage painting. At first we didn't know what on earth they were doing, but when they finally finished painting they turned it up-side down. Suddenly I saw one painting with Mr Jacobson on it, the second one with Mrs Jarman, and the third one was Mr Burt. I am really looking forward to this term because, we'll be doing a lot of art.

Art Word-Web

This popplet shows 17 words that relates to the word "Art". I only managed to find 17 words.

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Addition Thinkboard

This is my addition think board that I have now completed. This think board is for the first week back at school, for term 4.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Commonwealth Games- Tennis

This is my stack that I have completed. I have put it into a a movie and now it's on my blog for people to have a look at. This was for our topic "Game On".

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Lots Word - Web

This is my popplet that I have now completed. It has heaps of synonyms for the word 'LOTS'. I managed to find and write down 20 words that mean the same as lots. I made this at If you want to give it a go and learn even more, head to this website :)

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Commonwealth Countries & Their Sports :)

 This is my presentation that shows a variety of different sports from all sorts of different countries. It also includes 3 games that I have made up. Some of them all very similar to popular sports, but have a twist.

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The Glass Boy - Questions 4 - 9

Other questions on page 4 - 5

Visual Features:
What hidden messages are conveyed in the images? I think in the image there lies sadness, unhappiness, sorrow and dejection. Why do you think the illustrator has shown the contrast in lighting? I think the illustrator did this because they wanted to show sadness, and the colours of unhappiness.

Brood- Something that makes a certain person unhappy, upset, angry or worried.

Reading Between The Lines
Why do you think the author included details of Pietro’s impoverished family? I think they included this to tell how Pietro ended up working for Maestro Battono.

Is there an underlying reason here? Yes.

Why do you think this? I think this because the author wanted to tell whoever is reading this, how he ended up where he is now, and why.

        Other Questions on page 6 - 7
Language Features
What literary devices has the author used here? They have used similes, metaphors and also alliteration. Why do you think she has used them? She used it because she wanted her work to be effective. How did it help you create a mental image? The words made sense and made me picture a mental image in my head.

How effectively has the author described the glasswork foundry and the glassmaking process of the time? They have described it in really good detail and it is effective. Is the historical context credible? Yes. Why/why not? Because they’ve been using these types of things to make glass.

Beyond The Text
Can you relate to Pietro’s fascination with the art of glassmaking? I think that glassmaking would be really cool and fun, but being in there all the time without coming out would be really boring and depressing. What connections can you make? It sounds like glassmaking can be great but also not so great at other times.

Limestone- A hard rock that is used to make materials and the making of cement
Arsenic- A element of a certain material and a brittle steel-grey semimetal
Plant Ash- The residue of burned plant parts such as wood, bark, leaves, pulp and others
Silica- A hard colourless compound, the constituent of sandstone and other rocks.

Aventurine Glass- A gold-coloured particle   

Other Questions On Page 8 - 9

Pietro thinks of himself as only a lowly servant. What is your view on the issue of social prejudice? I think that this is really sad. Discrimination is not acceptable. How can people avoid social prejudice today? They can ignore what they think and keep positive.

Nobility- Being true to yourself and others, and honest
Gondola- A boat used on Venetian Canals
Palazzo- A palatial building

Pietro wonders, “Who would ever wish to leave Venice?” What inferences can you make from this? I think he said this because since Maestro battono said that they would cut off his hands or kill him. He thought to himself that “Who would ever wish to leave Venice”.

The Life Education Caravan

Throughout our time at the Life Education Caravan we learnt a lot about what drugs are and how they affect and impact our bodies. The purpose of us attending the Life Education is, it will educate us to make the right choices, because during our life-time there will be tough decisions that we’ll have to make. Lynn also taught us about the function and process of our brains.

When people choose to put drugs into their bodies, they are either stressed, its an addiction, they want to look cool in front of their mates, or they were brought up around drugs. It can damage our brains, and cause impacts on other people around us. Drug-addicts don’t realize that when they make really bad decisions, it can influence on their own families. It is similar to a ripple, if you were to drop a little stone into a pond it starts off in the centre, and works its way out in all different directions. Its the same with the choices you intend to make.

Have you ever wondered why alcohol creates problems and accidents? Well... a lot of teenagers and young people are always binge drinking, that means drinking non-stop until they pass out. As the alcohol gets put into the body, it travels throughout the whole body and into the blood system. A local could be driving but they have had heaps to drink, they come up to a pedestrian crossing and can’t stop. Why? Because the neurons don’t travel fast enough for it to tell them to brake. By that time an accident has occurred. Alcohol causes our neurons in our body to not travel up to the speed they are supposed to go. There is a big risk when you drink-drive.

We live in a world where drugs and alcohol is truly easy to get a hold of. But.... there is a age restriction while going to purchase alcohol. Eighteen-years old or over is the age restriction. It is also exceptionally easy to find people who deal-drugs. We watched a video at the Life Education Caravan about a man named Jason. He was a drug-addict and did time in prison. When he got out he held a piece of paper, and written on it was a whole heap of bills that he had to pay. While he walks down the street he always keeps a look out for anyone that he’s done deals with. He gets frightened and scared because he owes people money and always has to be on guard, just in case they try to harm him.

Lynn specifically told us drugs don’t choose people, people choose drugs. Everyone has potential and everyone has a goal. You get the opportunity to choose the right path that’ll take you to success. Or you can either go down the path towards a bad and unpleasant life. If you do choose to go on drugs, you may not reach your full potential and goals.

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Think Board

This is my think board that shows one of the strategy's that I am learning. Right now I have finished it and posted it.

The Glass Boy By Melaina Faranda

WALT: Reflect on the text.

Success Criteria: I can reflect on the text from a critical perspective.

Looking at the images and colours and illustrations what vibe do we get from the text? I think that the vibe in the text is tense and sad.

Read the Bet and Predict what time period do you think this story was set in? The story was set in the morning at around the 17-1800's.

What helped you form your opinion?
I found evidence from the text. They had been working all night. Already a pale beam of light was creeping through the stone slits near the foundry roof. Soon the bells would peal for the people of venice to rise and hurry to work.

Clarify the following selected words on page 2:
Foundry- A factory or a workshop that makes metal
Maestro- A conductor
Doge- The chief of Venice or Genoa
Noble Families- Wealthy  and healthy families
Blasphemy- The offence of speaking about God or sacred things
Oath- A promise that is made

Who are the characters in the text? Pietro, Maestro Battono, Maestro Mancini
What do we know about them?
Pietro- works in the factory
Maestro Battono- Insulted one of the other workers
Maestro Mancini- Was insulted