Sunday, November 3, 2013

My First Day Of School

Stumbling into Tamaki primary school grounds, I felt like dropping. I tug onto my mum as she talked to my new teacher (Miss Sharma). I hid behind her feeling apprehensive. My heart pounded as the kids politely asked if I wanted to play a game. Excitement rushed through my veins, but that all changed.

The bell rang, I stood in the middle of the classroom, shy and wondered what to do? I didn't want to talk to anybody. Obviously that meant I didn't want to go to school. Students in my class were annoying, they would sit and stare at me while I was completing my work.

Morning Tea passed and I finally made a new friend (Lavinia). During maths time I didn't feel lonely. It was great to have a new friend. All of a sudden I heard the lunch bell ring. My friend and I grabbed our lunch and headed straight out the door. It was absolutely good to be out of the classroom, especially when you feel like you've been working for hours.

After lunch time it was time to relax and listen to the teacher read a story. “Almost home time”, I said to myself. Wanting to go home I waited until the bell rang. Finally it rang, that was the time I felt really happy.


  1. Well done Taeshell. Yes, I do remember the first day you started Tamaki Primary. You were only four years old. Whenever I left you at class you would give me that puppy face look :) it was so cute. Keep up the great writing skills . I love the vocabulary you used by the way. Lots of love, Chelsea x

  2. Hi Taeshell,
    My name is Secoria Burks and I am a college student at the University of South Alabama. From reading this post I believe you will be a great writer some day. I like a lot of your word choices and you painted a very vivid picture of what your first day of school was like. Keep up the good work.