Friday, July 5, 2013

Pinocchio And The Three Little Hobbits

Once upon a time there lived a special little wooden boy named Pinocchio. Pinocchio had everything that he had ever wanted, fame, friends and fortune.

One day this all changed when three little hobbits became really good friends with him. They had discovered that Pinocchio was a rich wooden young man and had plans to rip him off.

Unfortunately Pinocchio had foolishly told them his pin number 0800 232323 for where all his gold and money was stored. He thought that he could trust them. The three little hobbits went to his safe and took all his gold and money.

The following morning Pinocchio woke up and discovered that he had been robbed. Not only did he get robbed but he also noticed that the three hobbits were missing. He looked around his own little castle but couldn’t find the hobbits or any sign of his gold and money.

After he heard all his friends cheering outside his huge castle, he walked outside to see what was going on. He reached the door and heard the three little hobbits bickering over what they done to Pinocchio.

He had opened his door really slowly thinking that the hobbits would eventually give his gold and money back.

When the door was open, all of his old friends gave him a stern look. Meanwhile the hobbits started looking at Pinocchio nervously. Pinocchio just stood there looking angry, as soon as he spotted the hobbits he turned red standing there perhaps rather mental.

After the three little hobbits had noticed that Pinocchio was going purple by not breathing one bit, Pinocchio stood there very still after a while he fainted badly. The hobbits picked him up then they put him on his couch.

As soon as Pinocchio awoke he found the three hobbits, his friends, his money and gold that he had saw standing right next to him, flinching at him as if he would never forgive him. But once he saw how sorry and upset they were he had felt sorry for them. He said to the hobbits “Even though I feel really sorry for all of you, I still will never forgive you for what you have done!”.

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  1. Hi Taeshell,
    I really liked how your piece of writing brought together great characters. It was a very creative piece of writing. It was a great read. Keep up the good work.