Monday, June 30, 2014

Swimming Lessons Recount

On Tuesday the 16th of June class 3 started swimming lessons at the Glen Innes Aquatic Centre. We attended swimming lessons because it is very important for us to know how to swim. Since we are surrounded by water, we need to know different sorts of techniques for swimming. We were really grateful and honored to be getting this very special opportunity.

I sauntered down to the Glen Innes Pools with my bag packed, including my towel and my speedo swimming togs. I felt extremely anxious, because I had thought about the idea, that what if I had forgotten some of the techniques. Butterflies filled my stomach and on the other hand my heart was beating awfully lively. We all eventually arrived at our destination. Our teacher gave us specific instructions to get changed, have a quick rinse in the showers and walk around to sit down at the seats. Having a rinse in the amazing, warm showers felt like I was in a spa pool. I travelled around the pools cautiously, hoping that I wouldn’t accidently slip. As we waited patiently on the wooden bench beside the leisure pool, Jackie came to tell us that we were going to be tested.

As soon as I hopped into the pool I was ready to go. I knew that I’ll have to try my best to earn the right to be in group 1. There were 2 groups for us to be split into. Group 1 was classed the confident swimmers. As for group 2 it was for the students that needed help with swimming. My hard work actually paid off. Luckily I got placed into Group 1. At first I didn’t feel confident. Our instructor was named Natasha.

She refreshed our minds with different kinds of techniques. Using the boards were much superior and uncomplicated. Eventually we swam without the boards, but it wasn’t a big deal. Backstroke was one of the hardest and most complicated techniques that we practised. Frustration filled me, as the water would always went in my eyes. Free-style, floating and also kicking all the wayy was plain and simple. As our lessons were over, I pulled myself out of the pool and walked cautiously back to the changing rooms. I slipped on my uniform and began pulling up my socks on over my feet. One sock after the other and both shoes on, I packed up my things and sauntered towards where the class was standing. We then made our way back to school. Before we even got through the gates I asked my teacher “ How long are we going to be having swimming lessons?”, she replied “Only 1 week”. It was at that very moment when I felt relieved. Normally we have swimming lessons for 2 whole weeks, but this time we had it for only a small amount of time.

De Bono's Current Events Six Thinking Hats.

 This is my De Bono's Current Event Six Thinking Hats Presentation. I have chosen the article "Measles Outbreak in Waikato", on the Kiwi Kids News. 

Popplet Kind Word-Web

This is my popplet that shows the synonyms and the antonyms for "KIND". I managed to find 20 synonyms and also 20 antonyms. All together I found 40 words.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Triangle Addition Wk 8

 This is my triangle addition. We had to fill in the squares and make sure that all the numbers in each row equaled 21.087.

Place Value & Decimals

 This presentation shows some equations that involves decimals. I have completed my presentation and you'll be able to look at them as you go through this presentation.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sound Science- Reading Presentation

 This is my sound presentation for my reading, (WEEK 8). I am in the Louis Sachars group and this week our text that we had to read was "Sound Science". I have finished and completed my reading presentation.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Octagons Add/Sub Maths

 This presentation shows the answers that I got for the question on this presentation :) I also had to use these specific strategies.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Triangle Addition With Decimals

This is my Triangle Addition. It involves decimals, because we are learning about the place value of decimals.

Nervous Word- Web Popplet

This is my popplet that shows the synonyms for NERVOUS. It also shows Antonyms for NERVOUS, as well. I managed to find 25 synonyms, and 5 antonyms. All together I found 30 words.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Yr 7 & 8 Social Scenario

I scrambled into my closet, searching for a suitable outfit to wear for the upcoming Yr 7 & 8 social. I was successful and found the perfect costume, that was ideal to wear to the social. Tigger from Winnie The Pooh, was the exact character that I wanted to go to the social as. Obviously this meant that I had to get organised, but on the other hand I was also truly distraught. With the social going on thats why I felt really nervous.

While I was feeling anxious, I threw on my Tigger Onesie and waited for a tiny while. Finally the time came, the time when I was going to pick Cheyanne up and stroll back to school. As soon as we got through the gates, I was completely and utterly apprehensive. I couldn’t even walk through the breeze doors without doubting my outfit and how I looked. Eventually I roamed in, trying not to walk back. I slipped my two dollars into the container and trudged along. As I entered the doors to the Yr 7 & 8 social, I felt quite calm at that very moment. But as the time went by more and even more people began travelling through the doors. It made me go back to the way I was before, which was not a good sign.

The music started and everyone began to dance. I wasn’t really in the mood for dancing, I felt more like sitting and watching, as everyone was jumping up and down with joy. I wandered around looking for Raeleen, she said to me that she was coming to the social. It was at this moment I started to doubt that she wasn’t coming. But wait a minute... Who did I see walking through the doors? It was Raeleen! As I ran to her, I jumped up and said to her “I thought you weren’t coming”, she replied with “I thought I wasn’t coming either!” We ambled away together, walking towards Cheyanne. Cheyanne ended up doing the same thing that I did. It was absolutely magnificent that Raeleen had came as the exact same character as me.

The time passed quickly, actually quicker than I thought. During the social there was a dougie competition, best dressed, a Harlem Shake competition, and many more other comps. Excitement rippled around the hall like a little stone dropping in the water, creating a ripple. Laughter, people chatting and music was the most common sounds that echoed in the hall. Eventually the social came to an end. It was time for us to go home, but we couldn't go home unless we had a parent. As I got home, I felt so exhausted. It was about 8.00 o’clock, when the social ended. My comment about the social is that, it was amazing. It wasn't as big as last years one, but it was reasonable.

Current Event Six Thinking Hats- Wild Weather Hits The North Island

 This is my presentation that shows the six thinking hats. I have chosen to do the article "Wild Weather Hits The North Island". 

Off To Gambia To Meet Malong- Louis Sachars Reading Activity

Where is Gambia and Panjew and Brikama, find a detailed map of Africa and label Gambia and the village, Panjem and Brikama.

For what reason to people sponsor children?
Because children in Gambia are finding it really hard to find food, so other people sponsor them so they can eat properly and have a better life.
Sponsoring a child is thought to be compared to a project, what is a project?
Put this word into a sentence of your own.
A project is an assignment that is planned well.

How does Tim know that many families in Africa could not afford to send their children to school? Because in Africa it is really difficult to get some money and sent their own children to school.

How did the author find his way to Panjem? He followed directions, and found a hidden alley in the town of Brikama and found a dusty dirt track.

For what reason would it have been extremely difficult to find this town? Because when he asked for directions he couldn’t really understand them, its also extremely easy to get lost.

Why would the villages have been surprised and excited to see Andrew? Because they have never seen him before.

Why did Andrew find it difficult to communicate with the villagers? Because they were speaking a different language that he could only understand a little bit. Only some words he can understand.

What language do the people of Gambia speak? They speak Mandinka.

Research and find out how you say the following words and phrases.
Hello - Na nga def
How are you? - Jaam nga am
Goodbye - Ba Deenem
Yes/No - Wau
Thank you - Jai -  rruh - jef


From looking at the images, what can we gather about the life that people in this town live?
How do you know this, what do the images tell us? The have to grow their food, which means they have food plants that they water for the plant to grow. They also walk along on dusty sandy dirt tracks. They also fundraise money not just for one person but for the whole village. It helps them to make their lives easier and not complicated.

How do people collect and drink their water? They go to the well and get their water with a bucket

What are some of Malong’s hobbies, how do they compare to hobbies that children in first world countries have? He loves to play soccer with his friends in the village. He also enjoys hunting in the forest with the other boys, using dogs, knives, and sticks. His hobbies compared to other childrens hobbies are not really different. Some people like to play soccer with their friends. But we don’t need to hunt for our food, instead we can go and buy it at The Mad Butcher or any other butcher place.

What do the boys use to hunt? They use their dogs, knives and also sticks. What do they hunt? They hunt rats, rabbits, and sometimes monkey. When they catch monkeys they normally cook it up and feed it to their monkeys.

Do you think it would be difficult hunting using these materials? Yes, because to catch something you need a variety of different materials.

How many people in the village are sponsored? 176 people Do you think this is a lot considering the population of the town? No, I think that this is only a tiny bit of people. There are a lot of kids in that country.

What do you think sponsorship money is used for?  I think its used for making people in Gambia’s lives better. It also makes their lives better and not complicated.
You need to go on to sites such as World Vision and other sites that relate to child sponsorship.
You need to find where the sponsorship money goes, and how much it costs to sponsor a child? To sponsor a child it costs $45 a month, the sponsorship money goes towards a child and their family within a community.

Create a poster for World Vision or your make up your own company, trying to get people to sponsor a child in a third world country.
Your poster needs to look appealing to your audience, and make them want to sponsor a child.

Think about whether you can sponsor a child in New Zealand, for what reason is this not possible? You need to look at some of the differences between third world countries and New Zealand, what are the differences and for what reason can you not sponsor children here? In New Zealand we can get fresh, clean water from the taps. We can also get fresh fruit, veges or food from the dairy's or the Butchers.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Think board

This is my think board. The question is 732 - 257? On my think board it shows A diagram to show my think board, the strategy that I used to solve it, a word story problem that I have written by my-self and 10 other similar questions.

Kiwi Kids News- Week 7

Kiwi kids news - Week 7
1. A trust has been launched to oversea an important New Zealand anniversary in 2019. What will New Zealand be celebrating?
a. 150 years since Captain Cook landed in NZ
b. 250 years since Captain Cook landed in NZ
c. 350 years since Captain Cook landed in NZ

2. Who did Brazil play in their opening game of the World Cup?
• a. England
• b. Chile
• c. Croatia

3. What caused the Auckland Harbour bridge to be temporarily closed last week?
• a. high winds affecting traffic
• b. repair work
• c. road workers protesting against a wage decrease

4. At which venue is the national Fieldays agricultural show held each year?
• a. Claudelands Showgrounds
• b. Mystery Creek
• c. the Hamilton Rose Gardens

5. In which country was the main airport attacked by terrorists?
• a. India
• b. Pakistan
• c. Egypt

6. Why has Dan Carter been in the news recently?
• a. he is returning to NZ rugby
• b. he has announced he will be playing for a rugby club in Japan this season
• c. he is planning to switch the position he plays in

7. Why has the head boy at Marlborough Boys College been hailed as a hero?
•a. he dragged a women from a burning house
•b. he has donated a kidney to a fellow student
•c. he helped rescue a girl who was being swept down a swollen river

8. What is the main language spoken on the island of Santorini? Maniot Greek

9. What is the name of New Zealand’s base in Antarctica that is getting a $3.9 million refurbishment?
• a. Hillary Base
• b. Scott Base
• c. Kiwi Base

10.True or false, after being found guilty of filing a false donations declaration John Banks has resigned as an MP? True

11.Why has Wellington’s version of the “Hollywood” sign been given a revamp?
• a. it was damaged in high winds
• b. it has been painted a different colour after motorists complained it was too distracting
• c. the W has been changed to a V to promote a new movie

12.How much money is Kim Dotcom offering as a reward for anyone who can provide information that will help his court case?
• a. $500,000 b. $5 million c. $10 million

13.True or false, Christchurch has announced it will no longer fund the Ellerslie Flower  Show? True

14.Why was the Solomon Islands in the news last week?
•a. an outbreak of diarrhoea is creating a health crisis
•b. rioting has broken out at their only prison
•c. John Key has visited and committed an extra $2 million in emergency funding

15.What type of transport is going to be removed from the Wellington streets following a decision by the city council?
• a. skateboards
• b. trolley buses
• c. mobility scooters

Friday, June 13, 2014

The Half-crown by Claudia Murray

Referring to the image in the text, what do you think they story is about? I think that it is about a girl that finds something. And she does something to help someone.

Who is the author of this text, find out three facts about them.
1. She loves chocolate, pedicures, and hot summer weather.
2. She enjoys spending time with her husband Jeff and their 3 children, ages 15-19
3. She discovered cycling in 2012 when she participated in her first triathlon

How did they come to write this text?

What does the young girl mean when she says ‘I trudged on’. She means she walked away slowly but took heavy steps

Replace the word ‘trudge’ with another in the sentence. I stopped to admire the amazing car, but the trudged along.

Why is the book sentimental? Because the book is about someone that needs help and is homeless.

What does the word ‘Cheviot’ mean? Research this word. What language is this in?
It means a large sheep with short, thick wool.

Why was the young girls head still swirling when she got home? Because she really wants that book that she saw in the window.

Where had dad been? At work. What does the young girl mean when she states “he wasn’t due home from his work gang for weeks”? He wasn’t home yet for a very long time. He couldn’t come home yet because he’s not due to come home.

What was the old man exchanging for wood? He was exchanging the wood for a meal. Who do we think he was? I think that he was a person that desperately needed help, and he had no job at all.

Judging by the way this man is dresses, what social status do we think he is? I think that he is very poor and doesn’t have a job.

What does the word scolded mean? It means someone was angry or barged someone else. Replace the word scolded with another word and rewrite the sentence. As I asked someone a very annoying question, my Mum scolded me.

Wednesday/ Thursday

What does the young girl mean when she said “he had a kind face”? His face was very calm, he didn’t look very angry.

What does a kind face look like? Describe and state the characteristics of a kind face. A kind face looks like you showing good expressions and instead of you looking angry your face looks nice and calm.

Where was the old man sleeping? He was sleeping in the woodshed among all the logs. What do you think he had been referring to when he said the ‘Starlight Hotel’? I think he was referring to the woodshed being the Starlight hotel.

Summarise the text:

Why had the young girl skipped the idea of getting a book? Because she was too concerned about the old mean and she was worried.

In what other ways could the young girl have helped the man? She could have told her Mum if he could sleep inside their house. They could feed him every day, but in return he does some house chores and chops up the wood.

Think about Jack’s life, what do you think lead up to this stage in his life. I think that during his lifetime he didn’t get a very good education, and his family couldn’t really afford anything at all.

Write what you think is a summary of Jack’s life? When Jack was little his family had hardly any money to enroll him into a school. They didn’t even have enough money to get food or help with the financial problems. As he grew older he knew he had to do something about his life. When his family was gone and some of his relatives had passed away he had nothing else left. He could pay the rent for his house, he could hardly buy any food for himself. So he went out and started asking people if they needed help with anything at all, for exchange for a meal or two. Instead of him sleeping inside of a nice house, with a nice and cozy bed. He was a homeless man in need for some help. He slept inside of a woodshed. That’s what he calls The Starlight Hotel.

Rewrite the ending to the text, be as imaginative as your can. As the little girl entered the woodshed she saw Jack sleeping among all the logs and wood. She felt sorry for him and gave him the Half-Crown coin. In the morning he ended up getting him some food. At the end he worked to get money from people and also got the privilege to stay inside the girls house with her Mum. He cleaned for them and also other people until he got enough money to afford another place to stay.

If you had been in put in the situation of a stranger coming to stay at your house what would you have done? I would have tried to figure out why they are at my house and also get to know a little bit of things about them. If they’re in a really bad situation I would be kind.

OR create a poster for a fundraising day to encourage people from the public to come in and donate.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Mult/Div Consolidation Hex/Oct

Mult/Div consolidation


1. George was driving to Lake Taupo from Auckland. Lake Taupo is 407 kms away from Auckland and he had to do the trip three times a week for work. Assuming there are 4 weeks in a month. How many kms did he drive in total in 1 month? 4884 kms

2. Janine had 17 jars of jelly beans each with with 364 jelly beans inside. How many jelly beans did she have in total? 6188 jellybeans

3. The temperature on Mercury is 206 degrees celsius. However the sun is 14 x that temperature. How hot is the sun? 2884 degrees celsius

4. Jake had $675 to go shopping for his birthday. He shared his birthday money between himself and 2 of his friends, how much money did each of them get? $225

5. Mike had 275mls of milk in his carton. He drank this amount of milk 3 times a week. How much milk does Mike drink in one week? 825 mls
What about two weeks? 1650 mls
A month? 3300 mls
One year? 39600 mls

6. Jane bought two new pairs of shoes every 3 months. How many pairs of shoes did she have after one year? 8 pairs
7. How many pairs did she have after 10 years? 80 pairs

9. The class table was 600cm. The table was shared between 12 students. How many cm of the table did each student have to use? 50 cm

10. Michael knew that to qualify for the running championships he would need to beat 13.2 seconds to run 150 meters.
Michael ran everyday for one year. How many meters did he run in total? 54750 meters
What about only six months? 27375 meters

11. Jane knew that he parents would deposit $1.50 per day in to her bank account. How much money was in her account after 3 years? $1642.50

What about 12 years? $6570

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Add/Sub Yr 8 WALT solve subtraction problems with hundredths by changing the second number into a whole number.

 This presentation shows that I know this strategy. I shows my answers that I also got. WALT solve subtraction problems with hundredths by changing one number into a whole number.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Add/Sub Yr 8 WALT solve addition problems with hundredths by changing one number into a whole number.

 This is my presentation that shows that I am learning to.... solve addition problems with hundredths by changing one number into a whole number. I have now completed it and I'm moving onto the next presentation that is set up for me.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Maths Think board

 This is my think board that shows a strategy that I used to solve it, a diagram that shows my thinking, a word story problem that I have written by my self, and last but not least 10 other similar questions.

Maths Consolidation

This is my maths consolidation that I've been working on.
Last week, Maya and Gabriela decided to see how fast they could sprint 400 meters. They asked their friend Jessica to time them with a stopwatch. After 4.72 minutes, Jessica agreed to time the runners. Maya sprinted first and ran 400 meters in 76.39 seconds. When it was Gabriela's turn, she sped off and completed the run in 72.69 seconds.How much faster was Gabriela than Maya in seconds? 3.7 seconds

5.3+4.7= 10.00

5.31+4.77= 10.08

5.31+0.477= 5.787

53.1−47.8 = 5.3

5.31−4.78 = 5.3

5.31−0.478 = 4.83

Word-Web Cold

This popplet shows synonyms for cold. I managed to find 15 words, that means the same as COLD.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Fr/dec/% Year 8 - WALT identify whether a question requires me to use the Year 8 'Within' strategy or the Year 8 'Between' strategy.

 This is my presentation that shows my answers that I got for the questions. Our WALT is- WALT identify whether a question requires me to use the Year 8 'Within' strategy or the Year 8 'Between' strategy.

Fr/dec/% Year 8 - WALT solve word problems that involve moving between fractions, ratios, decimals and percentages.

 This is my presentation that shows my answers that I got. Our WALT is.... WALT solve word problems that involve moving between fractions, ratios, decimals and percentages.

Reading Questions- Week 5

This is my reading questions for this week. I am in the Louis Sachars, and I have completed my reading questions.

Kiwi kids news - Week 5

1. What caused flights in and out of Darwin, Australia to be cancelled last weekend?
• a. a volcanic eruption in Indonesia
• b. an electrical fire burned down the main terminal
• c. thick fog blanketed the city

2. What controversial tourist attraction proposal has been rejected by Conservation Minister Nick Smith?
• a. a gondola on Mt Taranaki
• b. a monorail in Fiordland
• c. a thermal water park at the base of Mt Ruapehu in the central North Island

3. Of which political party is Laila Harre the new leader?
• a. The Green Party
• b. The ACT Party
• c. The Internet-Mana Party

4. An 85-year-old man was seriously injured while walking along the coastal walkway in New Plymouth last weekend. What caused his injuries?
• a. he was swept over rocks by a large wave
• b. a family on a four-person hire bike crashed into him
• c. he was attacked by a seal

5. Pope Francis has been praised for his historic visit to the city of Jerusalem. In what  part of the world is Jerusalem?
• a. Eastern Europe
• b. The Middle East
• c. North Africa

6. What was found at Rarotonga Airport that has officials worried?
• a. black widow spiders
• b. hatched tiger snake eggs
• c. asian tiger mosquitos

7. Which airline has had their computer systems hacked recently by fraudsters?
• a. Jetstar
b. Air NZ
c. Qantas

8. True or false, the Nigerian military is claiming that they know where the kidnapped Nigerian students are being held? True

9. A group of school children in Hungary have broken the world record for the tallest tower made of Lego. How tall do you think it was?
• a. the height of a two-storey building
• b. the height of a four-storey building
• c. the height of an eight-storey building
• d. the height of an eleven-storey building

10.Which district is pushing to become New Zealand’s first official bilingual district?
• a. Rotorua
b. Whangarei
c. Gisborne

11.In what sport has English player Jonny Wilkinson announced his retirement?
• a. Cricket
• b. Football (Soccer)
• c. Rugby

12.What was the controversy surrounding the Wellington Fashion show this year?
• a. it was criticised for having models that were too young
• b. a lot of the fashion labels had pulled out because of poor organisation
• c. some of the models have claimed that they weren’t paid the money they were expecting or weren’t paid at all

13.Whose toothbrush has recently sold for over $12,000?
• a. George Clooney
• b. An astronaut that flew to the moon
• c. Barack Obama

14.What caused a recent train crash in Wellington?
• a. a landslide had blocked the track and the driver couldn’t stop in time
• b. the train brakes had failed which meant it overran the track and hit a barrier
• c. someone had abandoned their car on the lines outside a rail tunnel

15.Paperwork has been filed to have a breed of dog officially recognised as New Zealand’s first ever dog breed. What breed of dog is it?
• a. huntaway
• b. border collie
• c. labrador