Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Brief Reflection On The Term

The thing that I have done very well at my maths because, I have been working on Xtra Maths and I’m now on 1.5 seconds and on subtraction. Last year I was still on 3 seconds.

Next term I need to focus on improving my writing a little bit more. To do that I will need to begin writing more interesting stories to put on my blog.

My highlight from this term would have to be the Triathlon. The reason why I like it is because we get to ride bikes, swim, and also run. But my favourite thing would have to be running.

Next term I’m looking forward to podcasting with my friends. I like podcasting because you get to share what you have been reading with everyone that looks at the our K.P.E blog. My last podcast was the bestest one that I’ve ever done, it was better than all the other ones that I have done.

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