Monday, September 9, 2013

My Next Steps Year 7, Strategy 2

This is my Next Step Presentation that I've been working on. I am learning how to subtract numbers with decimals. 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

My Next Steps Strategy 1, Year 7

This is My Next Steps Strategy 1, Year 7 that I have been working on. I'm explaining how to use this strategy and proving that I know it.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Bombing Of The Rainbow Warrior Ship

Unfortunately the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior affected a lot of people. Overall this was a very tragic event that took place on Marsden Wharf July 10th, 1985. The French spies were sent from the French government to blow up the ship because, the Greenpeace crew were going to French Polynesia to protest against nuclear bombing. But the French didn't like that. So they decided to blow up the boat to stop them from protesting.

People on the ship were having a party to celebrate the 29th birthday of the director for the anti-nuclear movement. But little did they know French spies secretly swam to the bottom of the Rainbow Warrior, then attached two limpet bombs. People on board were oblivious to what was happening. Sometime later the lights flickered and the people thought that another ship had hit them. But no, the ship had been bombed.

Water came rushing inside the boat, “Abandon ship, Abandon ship!” yelled Pete Willcox, the captain. In a state of panic almost everybody escaped. Unfortunately Fernando Pereira was the only one left on the ship but sadly died minutes after the bomb went off.

The spies were arrested and sent to jail for ten years. After they were sentenced the French Government called New Zealand and asked if they could have the French spies, and put them in their jail. If the New Zealand government didn't give them to the French, they would stop buying their products. The New Zealand government thought about it then gave the spies. But the French people only kept them in their jail for 2 years. When they came out of prison they were classed as heroes, when really they hurt a lot of people.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My DLO For My Maths

My group is working on some new strategies and I chose to do a DLO to show that I know this strategy. For example, a painter uses 6 cans of paint to paint 2 fences. How many cans of paint does he need to paint 9 fences (all the fences are the length).

First I need to draw a line to separate the cans of paint and the fences. At the top we write 6 because he uses 6 cans to paint 2 fences, at the end of the line we leave that space blank because we want to know how many cans of paint he needs to paint 9 fences.

Secondly we need to write at the bottom 2, because he paints 2 fences using 6 cans of paint, next we have to write 9 at the end of the line because he needs to paint 9 fences. To get the answer I have to do 2x3 which equals 6, next I have to do 3x9 and that equals 27. So I know that he needs 27 cans of paint to paint 9 fences. This is really quite easy when you get to know this strategy.