Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Yr 7 & 8 Social Scenario

I scrambled into my closet, searching for a suitable outfit to wear for the upcoming Yr 7 & 8 social. I was successful and found the perfect costume, that was ideal to wear to the social. Tigger from Winnie The Pooh, was the exact character that I wanted to go to the social as. Obviously this meant that I had to get organised, but on the other hand I was also truly distraught. With the social going on thats why I felt really nervous.

While I was feeling anxious, I threw on my Tigger Onesie and waited for a tiny while. Finally the time came, the time when I was going to pick Cheyanne up and stroll back to school. As soon as we got through the gates, I was completely and utterly apprehensive. I couldn’t even walk through the breeze doors without doubting my outfit and how I looked. Eventually I roamed in, trying not to walk back. I slipped my two dollars into the container and trudged along. As I entered the doors to the Yr 7 & 8 social, I felt quite calm at that very moment. But as the time went by more and even more people began travelling through the doors. It made me go back to the way I was before, which was not a good sign.

The music started and everyone began to dance. I wasn’t really in the mood for dancing, I felt more like sitting and watching, as everyone was jumping up and down with joy. I wandered around looking for Raeleen, she said to me that she was coming to the social. It was at this moment I started to doubt that she wasn’t coming. But wait a minute... Who did I see walking through the doors? It was Raeleen! As I ran to her, I jumped up and said to her “I thought you weren’t coming”, she replied with “I thought I wasn’t coming either!” We ambled away together, walking towards Cheyanne. Cheyanne ended up doing the same thing that I did. It was absolutely magnificent that Raeleen had came as the exact same character as me.

The time passed quickly, actually quicker than I thought. During the social there was a dougie competition, best dressed, a Harlem Shake competition, and many more other comps. Excitement rippled around the hall like a little stone dropping in the water, creating a ripple. Laughter, people chatting and music was the most common sounds that echoed in the hall. Eventually the social came to an end. It was time for us to go home, but we couldn't go home unless we had a parent. As I got home, I felt so exhausted. It was about 8.00 o’clock, when the social ended. My comment about the social is that, it was amazing. It wasn't as big as last years one, but it was reasonable.

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