Friday, June 13, 2014

The Half-crown by Claudia Murray

Referring to the image in the text, what do you think they story is about? I think that it is about a girl that finds something. And she does something to help someone.

Who is the author of this text, find out three facts about them.
1. She loves chocolate, pedicures, and hot summer weather.
2. She enjoys spending time with her husband Jeff and their 3 children, ages 15-19
3. She discovered cycling in 2012 when she participated in her first triathlon

How did they come to write this text?

What does the young girl mean when she says ‘I trudged on’. She means she walked away slowly but took heavy steps

Replace the word ‘trudge’ with another in the sentence. I stopped to admire the amazing car, but the trudged along.

Why is the book sentimental? Because the book is about someone that needs help and is homeless.

What does the word ‘Cheviot’ mean? Research this word. What language is this in?
It means a large sheep with short, thick wool.

Why was the young girls head still swirling when she got home? Because she really wants that book that she saw in the window.

Where had dad been? At work. What does the young girl mean when she states “he wasn’t due home from his work gang for weeks”? He wasn’t home yet for a very long time. He couldn’t come home yet because he’s not due to come home.

What was the old man exchanging for wood? He was exchanging the wood for a meal. Who do we think he was? I think that he was a person that desperately needed help, and he had no job at all.

Judging by the way this man is dresses, what social status do we think he is? I think that he is very poor and doesn’t have a job.

What does the word scolded mean? It means someone was angry or barged someone else. Replace the word scolded with another word and rewrite the sentence. As I asked someone a very annoying question, my Mum scolded me.

Wednesday/ Thursday

What does the young girl mean when she said “he had a kind face”? His face was very calm, he didn’t look very angry.

What does a kind face look like? Describe and state the characteristics of a kind face. A kind face looks like you showing good expressions and instead of you looking angry your face looks nice and calm.

Where was the old man sleeping? He was sleeping in the woodshed among all the logs. What do you think he had been referring to when he said the ‘Starlight Hotel’? I think he was referring to the woodshed being the Starlight hotel.

Summarise the text:

Why had the young girl skipped the idea of getting a book? Because she was too concerned about the old mean and she was worried.

In what other ways could the young girl have helped the man? She could have told her Mum if he could sleep inside their house. They could feed him every day, but in return he does some house chores and chops up the wood.

Think about Jack’s life, what do you think lead up to this stage in his life. I think that during his lifetime he didn’t get a very good education, and his family couldn’t really afford anything at all.

Write what you think is a summary of Jack’s life? When Jack was little his family had hardly any money to enroll him into a school. They didn’t even have enough money to get food or help with the financial problems. As he grew older he knew he had to do something about his life. When his family was gone and some of his relatives had passed away he had nothing else left. He could pay the rent for his house, he could hardly buy any food for himself. So he went out and started asking people if they needed help with anything at all, for exchange for a meal or two. Instead of him sleeping inside of a nice house, with a nice and cozy bed. He was a homeless man in need for some help. He slept inside of a woodshed. That’s what he calls The Starlight Hotel.

Rewrite the ending to the text, be as imaginative as your can. As the little girl entered the woodshed she saw Jack sleeping among all the logs and wood. She felt sorry for him and gave him the Half-Crown coin. In the morning he ended up getting him some food. At the end he worked to get money from people and also got the privilege to stay inside the girls house with her Mum. He cleaned for them and also other people until he got enough money to afford another place to stay.

If you had been in put in the situation of a stranger coming to stay at your house what would you have done? I would have tried to figure out why they are at my house and also get to know a little bit of things about them. If they’re in a really bad situation I would be kind.

OR create a poster for a fundraising day to encourage people from the public to come in and donate.

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