Monday, June 30, 2014

Swimming Lessons Recount

On Tuesday the 16th of June class 3 started swimming lessons at the Glen Innes Aquatic Centre. We attended swimming lessons because it is very important for us to know how to swim. Since we are surrounded by water, we need to know different sorts of techniques for swimming. We were really grateful and honored to be getting this very special opportunity.

I sauntered down to the Glen Innes Pools with my bag packed, including my towel and my speedo swimming togs. I felt extremely anxious, because I had thought about the idea, that what if I had forgotten some of the techniques. Butterflies filled my stomach and on the other hand my heart was beating awfully lively. We all eventually arrived at our destination. Our teacher gave us specific instructions to get changed, have a quick rinse in the showers and walk around to sit down at the seats. Having a rinse in the amazing, warm showers felt like I was in a spa pool. I travelled around the pools cautiously, hoping that I wouldn’t accidently slip. As we waited patiently on the wooden bench beside the leisure pool, Jackie came to tell us that we were going to be tested.

As soon as I hopped into the pool I was ready to go. I knew that I’ll have to try my best to earn the right to be in group 1. There were 2 groups for us to be split into. Group 1 was classed the confident swimmers. As for group 2 it was for the students that needed help with swimming. My hard work actually paid off. Luckily I got placed into Group 1. At first I didn’t feel confident. Our instructor was named Natasha.

She refreshed our minds with different kinds of techniques. Using the boards were much superior and uncomplicated. Eventually we swam without the boards, but it wasn’t a big deal. Backstroke was one of the hardest and most complicated techniques that we practised. Frustration filled me, as the water would always went in my eyes. Free-style, floating and also kicking all the wayy was plain and simple. As our lessons were over, I pulled myself out of the pool and walked cautiously back to the changing rooms. I slipped on my uniform and began pulling up my socks on over my feet. One sock after the other and both shoes on, I packed up my things and sauntered towards where the class was standing. We then made our way back to school. Before we even got through the gates I asked my teacher “ How long are we going to be having swimming lessons?”, she replied “Only 1 week”. It was at that very moment when I felt relieved. Normally we have swimming lessons for 2 whole weeks, but this time we had it for only a small amount of time.

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