Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Off To Gambia To Meet Malong- Louis Sachars Reading Activity

Where is Gambia and Panjew and Brikama, find a detailed map of Africa and label Gambia and the village, Panjem and Brikama.

For what reason to people sponsor children?
Because children in Gambia are finding it really hard to find food, so other people sponsor them so they can eat properly and have a better life.
Sponsoring a child is thought to be compared to a project, what is a project?
Put this word into a sentence of your own.
A project is an assignment that is planned well.

How does Tim know that many families in Africa could not afford to send their children to school? Because in Africa it is really difficult to get some money and sent their own children to school.

How did the author find his way to Panjem? He followed directions, and found a hidden alley in the town of Brikama and found a dusty dirt track.

For what reason would it have been extremely difficult to find this town? Because when he asked for directions he couldn’t really understand them, its also extremely easy to get lost.

Why would the villages have been surprised and excited to see Andrew? Because they have never seen him before.

Why did Andrew find it difficult to communicate with the villagers? Because they were speaking a different language that he could only understand a little bit. Only some words he can understand.

What language do the people of Gambia speak? They speak Mandinka.

Research and find out how you say the following words and phrases.
Hello - Na nga def
How are you? - Jaam nga am
Goodbye - Ba Deenem
Yes/No - Wau
Thank you - Jai -  rruh - jef


From looking at the images, what can we gather about the life that people in this town live?
How do you know this, what do the images tell us? The have to grow their food, which means they have food plants that they water for the plant to grow. They also walk along on dusty sandy dirt tracks. They also fundraise money not just for one person but for the whole village. It helps them to make their lives easier and not complicated.

How do people collect and drink their water? They go to the well and get their water with a bucket

What are some of Malong’s hobbies, how do they compare to hobbies that children in first world countries have? He loves to play soccer with his friends in the village. He also enjoys hunting in the forest with the other boys, using dogs, knives, and sticks. His hobbies compared to other childrens hobbies are not really different. Some people like to play soccer with their friends. But we don’t need to hunt for our food, instead we can go and buy it at The Mad Butcher or any other butcher place.

What do the boys use to hunt? They use their dogs, knives and also sticks. What do they hunt? They hunt rats, rabbits, and sometimes monkey. When they catch monkeys they normally cook it up and feed it to their monkeys.

Do you think it would be difficult hunting using these materials? Yes, because to catch something you need a variety of different materials.

How many people in the village are sponsored? 176 people Do you think this is a lot considering the population of the town? No, I think that this is only a tiny bit of people. There are a lot of kids in that country.

What do you think sponsorship money is used for?  I think its used for making people in Gambia’s lives better. It also makes their lives better and not complicated.
You need to go on to sites such as World Vision and other sites that relate to child sponsorship.
You need to find where the sponsorship money goes, and how much it costs to sponsor a child? To sponsor a child it costs $45 a month, the sponsorship money goes towards a child and their family within a community.

Create a poster for World Vision or your make up your own company, trying to get people to sponsor a child in a third world country.
Your poster needs to look appealing to your audience, and make them want to sponsor a child.

Think about whether you can sponsor a child in New Zealand, for what reason is this not possible? You need to look at some of the differences between third world countries and New Zealand, what are the differences and for what reason can you not sponsor children here? In New Zealand we can get fresh, clean water from the taps. We can also get fresh fruit, veges or food from the dairy's or the Butchers.

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