Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekly Quiz Answers

This is my weekly quiz answers that I got. I have not finished the visual answers though, but I will get around to it.

1. What type of whales were found stranded on
a remote Southland beach last week?
• a. humpback whales
• b. orca
• c. blue whales

2. Which New Zealand University has been
named as a major sponsor for the
Highlanders rugby team?
• a. the University of Canterbury
• b. the University of Otago
• c. Lincoln University

3. A Danish Zoo caused an uproar last week
when it decided to put down an animal
rather than finding it another zoo. What type
of animal was it?
• a. elephant
• b. tiger
• c. giraffe

4. Why have a small number of people had
their passports cancelled recently?
•a. because of unpaid student loans
•b. because they used a stolen identity to
apply for the passport
•c. because the government was concerned
they would join rebel armies oversea

5. Why are some homeowners in the
Coromandel town of Waihi concerned about
their homes?
• a. a new road is going to be built which
will mean some houses have to be
• b. a home has recently collapsed into a
large hole
• c. a mining company will open a new
mine under existing housing

6. What is a berm?
• a. a type of boat
• b. the grassed area outside a property
beside the roadside
• c. a hairstyle inspired by Justin Bieber

7. In what sport are teams from Australia and
New Zealand competing at the Auckland
Nines tournament?
• a. Rugby
• b. Cricket
• c. Rugby League

8. Where was the whaling ship from that
entered New Zealand waters without
permission last week?
• a. Japan
• b. China
• c. Iceland

9. What type of transport disaster claimed the
lives of 77 soldiers in Algeria?
• a. a train crash
• b. a boat sinking
• c. a plane crash

10.How often do New Zealanders have to
renew their passport?
• a. every five years
• b. every ten years
• c. every fifteen years

11.Prince Charles and Prince William joined
together in a television broadcast to promote
what cause?
• a. saving endangered animals
• b. saving the rainforest
• c. using electric cars

12.Who has John Key accused of visiting Kim
Dotcom several times in his Dotcom
• a. the leader of New Zealand First,
Winston Peters
• b. the co-leader of the Greens, Russell
• c. both of the above

13.Which supermarket is being accused of
blackmailing suppliers?
• a. Countdown
• b. Pak n Save
• c. New World

14.On what continent is the Amazon River?
• a. Asia
• b. Africa
• c. South America

15.Who was named New Zealand’s top
sportsperson at the 51st Halberg Awards?
• a. Scott Dixon
• b. Valerie Adams
• c. Lydia Ko

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