Monday, March 10, 2014

Empathy Explanation

Empathy is about caring for others. If someone puts herself in peoples shoes and looks after them. That's what you call being an empathetic person. Not literally put someone’s shoes on, but get the idea that their upset about something. Try find out what that something is.

For someone to show empathy they’ll have to encourage others, be kind by asking what's wrong, or be a person that they’ll always want to rely on, when they’re sad. People can show empathy by helping. Why not help them when they’re in need.

Why is it important to show empathy towards others? Well... its because, eventually they’ll do the same. Simply hanging out with people in your class that are lonely is a helpful thing to do. People may not realise, but when shown empathy to friends, family or whoever. Its actually really helping them out by them feeling like someone cares for them and how they feel.

In the playground or in the classroom empathy can be shown. Actually... empathy can be shown anywhere at any time. If someone’s on the playground empathy can be shown by sharing the flying fox and encouraging them with something they think they can’t do. Be empathetic in class, such as working together with someone that doesn't know what strategy to use, or even help them improve their writing.

Be sure to be empathetic towards others. Also making the right choices can lead you to success, it can turn you into a better person. How? Well.. its going to help you gain great relationships with people. In the end you’ll be known as a great person that helped others.

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