Monday, March 24, 2014

Report- Cyclone Lusi

The horrifying cyclone struck New Zealand with its ponderous winds and heavy rain. Emergency call-outs were busy during the cyclones arrival. This has been causing incidents throughout the country and this cyclone’s name is “Cyclone Lusi”.

The gusty winds destroyed approximately 300 homes and basically caused every suburb to have floods, during its weekend in New Zealand. Christchurch had 7000 houses with no power, and in north land 2000 houses had the same problem. Massive floods occurred in different places through-out NZ, and waves were very powerful.

The wind picked up to a dangerously high speed which occurred to be 130km/h. These kind of winds took place in Wellington, in exposed places and in the capital, with gusts at the airport reaching 60km/h.

During to Cyclone Lusi’s damage, it’s cost NZ heaps of money to get houses fixed and available for people to live in. It’s going to cost them millions of dollars to even get damaged houses up to scratch again. If the government has a lot of money, surely it won’t be a problem fixing all the damaged houses. The only thing is that it will take some time.

I think since New Zealand is having Cyclone’s then probably the next one would be even worse. I’m also happy to still have my house not damaged and that I still had power on the day that Cyclone Lusi hit.

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