Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Basic Colour Theory- Answers

Why are the basic colours organised into categories? They are sorted into categories so it can separate , the color wheel, color harmony, and the context of how colors are used

What are the three primary colours? Red, Yellow, Blue

Who developed the first colour wheel? Sir Isaac Newton. Why do you think this would have been so important? This would have been important because

What are secondary colours and how are they made? The secondary colors are green, orange and purple

Explain and summarise colour harmony? Harmony is a balance of colours used in one painting. It balances the colours, and the visual experience. If something is not harmonious, that means in that case it's either boring or chaotic. Its not that appeal to the human eye and becomes boring. If something has extreme visual experience, its bland. The viewer is not engaged because, it is so chaotic that the viewer can't stand to look at it.

What are analogous colours? Analogous colors are any three colors which are side by side on a 12 part color wheel.

What are complimentary colours? The complementary colours are the two colours which are directly opposite to each other.

What is hue? Either a colour or a shade.

How many tertiary colours are there? There are six tertiary colours, red-orange, yellow-orange, yellow-green, blue-green, blue-violet, red-violet.

Thinking about various countries, Indians celebrate Diwali a festival of colours.
Research and state five facts about the Diwali festival.

  1. Diwali is an ancient Hindu Festival celebrated in autumn every year
  2. Diwali is the Indian festival of light
  3. They make Barfi, it is part of their Indian traditional food
  4. It also welcome friends and family, bringing happiness together
  5. Diwali lasts for five days

How have colours now changed compared to when they were originally categorised? Before colours were categorised they were not designed or studied, the colours were not really looked into or even studied.

Find the definition for the following words:

Pigment: Pigments that are used for manufacturing and in visual arts are dry colorants

Derived: Obtain something/ Take something from

Harmonious: For something being a harmonious blend, pleasant

Chaotic: In a state of confusion and disorder

Contrast: Being different from something else or someone else

Stability: Being stable and firm

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