Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Life Education Caravan

Throughout our time at the Life Education Caravan we learnt a lot about what drugs are and how they affect and impact our bodies. The purpose of us attending the Life Education is, it will educate us to make the right choices, because during our life-time there will be tough decisions that we’ll have to make. Lynn also taught us about the function and process of our brains.

When people choose to put drugs into their bodies, they are either stressed, its an addiction, they want to look cool in front of their mates, or they were brought up around drugs. It can damage our brains, and cause impacts on other people around us. Drug-addicts don’t realize that when they make really bad decisions, it can influence on their own families. It is similar to a ripple, if you were to drop a little stone into a pond it starts off in the centre, and works its way out in all different directions. Its the same with the choices you intend to make.

Have you ever wondered why alcohol creates problems and accidents? Well... a lot of teenagers and young people are always binge drinking, that means drinking non-stop until they pass out. As the alcohol gets put into the body, it travels throughout the whole body and into the blood system. A local could be driving but they have had heaps to drink, they come up to a pedestrian crossing and can’t stop. Why? Because the neurons don’t travel fast enough for it to tell them to brake. By that time an accident has occurred. Alcohol causes our neurons in our body to not travel up to the speed they are supposed to go. There is a big risk when you drink-drive.

We live in a world where drugs and alcohol is truly easy to get a hold of. But.... there is a age restriction while going to purchase alcohol. Eighteen-years old or over is the age restriction. It is also exceptionally easy to find people who deal-drugs. We watched a video at the Life Education Caravan about a man named Jason. He was a drug-addict and did time in prison. When he got out he held a piece of paper, and written on it was a whole heap of bills that he had to pay. While he walks down the street he always keeps a look out for anyone that he’s done deals with. He gets frightened and scared because he owes people money and always has to be on guard, just in case they try to harm him.

Lynn specifically told us drugs don’t choose people, people choose drugs. Everyone has potential and everyone has a goal. You get the opportunity to choose the right path that’ll take you to success. Or you can either go down the path towards a bad and unpleasant life. If you do choose to go on drugs, you may not reach your full potential and goals.

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