Wednesday, October 15, 2014

New Topic - "Art Attack"

On the first day of school for Term 4, we had a special assembly. It wasn't like any other one, because we were about to know what our topic for term 4 is. As we walked into the school hall, on the big screen it said "Art Attack". Straight away I knew that it had something to do with art. The teachers went on stage and acted or they either had a movie that we could watch. It started with Team 1, then Team 2, Team 3, Team 4 and last was Team 5. My most favorite one was Team 5's, because they had a really interesting movie playing on the big screen. They also had all of the teachers up on stage painting. At first we didn't know what on earth they were doing, but when they finally finished painting they turned it up-side down. Suddenly I saw one painting with Mr Jacobson on it, the second one with Mrs Jarman, and the third one was Mr Burt. I am really looking forward to this term because, we'll be doing a lot of art.

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