Thursday, November 6, 2014

How To Make A Celtic Knot- Explanation

To create a celtic knot, you initially have to research some patterns that you really like or admire. Think about cultural patterns, or a design that represents you as a person. After you’ve searched for a pattern or a suitable symbol, make sure it is not too simple or not too detailed. Furthermore you have to be able to fit your unique design on the celtic knot paper.

When you are certain with your pattern, draw it on a practice piece of paper. You additionally have to figure out what colours you’re going to place on it. After brainstorming a couple of ideas and having a think about what type of colors to use, put them to good use. Using the colours and pattern that you have chosen draw it on the celtic knot paper given. Since there is three pieces that make up one celtic knot, it is easier to have three people in a group. Each person creates one part each.

As you are finished illustrating you unique design on the celtic knot, trace over it with a black vivid. This is so you’ll be able to see the pattern nice and clearly. Once you have completed that step, it’s time for you to start colouring in. Using pastels, crayons, colouring pencils or whatever you have got, colour in your patterns nicely. Make sure that the colours that you’ve picked works really well together with one another.

Remember every single person in your group has to have theirs finished, otherwise it will not be formed into a celtic knot. Eventually when each person has completed their own piece of the celtic knot, gently and carefully place it on a black piece of paper. Be sure to glue it in the right position, so its not crooked. After completing that step smooth it out on the paper. Finally when all of the steps above are completely done and dusted, you have your celtic knot. You can hang it up on the wall or put it on display somewhere.

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