Monday, November 5, 2012

The Dangerous Bush Walk Back Home

Happily talking about our day, Cheyanne and I walked through the bush to get home. We lived quite close to each other, so to get to our house we had to climb over the fence. But in the bushes we heard something really suspicious. Hearing the sound made us think that something was about to happen.

As Cheyanne looked back she could see someone wearing all black, it looked like the person had a weapon in his hand, “AHHH” Cheyanne screamed with fear. “RUN” I turned and there that person was chasing after us. Running as fast as we could we tried to jump the fence, I managed but Cheyanne still couldn’t jump over. The hoody fell off the persons head and we discovered that it was a man.

He pulled Cheyanne down until she couldn’t hang on to the fence anymore. “GET AWAY FROM HER” I screamed at him like I was a hero. As the man dragged Cheyanne on the stoney path Cheyanne kicked him in the face with her hurtful boots, his face started bleeding with blood dripping down on the path. “GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME” Cheyanne yelled with fear. I dashed to try to help Cheyanne but the man hit me hard enough for me to fall on the ground.

“HELP” somebody help us Cheyanne said out loud, all the neighbours came running out, a lot of the neighbours called the police. With all the others trying to help Cheyanne and me, they managed to get the man on the ground waiting for the police to come.

It didn’t take long until the police came, then me, and Cheyanne were taken to the doctors to see if anything was wrong with us. Luckily the man didn’t hit me a little bit harder, Cheyanne only got bruises and cuts from the stoney path.

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