Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Name That Tells A Story

So far the Weka's have been reading a story called "A Name That Tells A Story". Our teacher has told us to retell the story in our own words, and post it on our blog's with pictures, and our paragraphs.

There is 3 boys named Koha, Maaki, and Te Whanaupani. Their Mum kept on telling them stop going by the river, they would answer back “ok”, then their Mum went away to a Marae. They had to stay with their father, one day it started pouring down with rain, so then one of the brothers said “lets go have a look at the river”, so they went off. Maaki, and Koha started kicking Te Whanaupani, and then pushed him into the river. He was swimming for his life, and tried to get to land but the current was too strong, one of the brothers raced homed to tell his father, and he ran out to the front then dived in, and grabbed him.

One of the Brothers went to get their Mum, and she took him to the doctors straight away. The doctors said “He’s lucky to be alive”. The next morning Te Whanaupani’s Mum’s friend’s had a baby in her arm, and gave the baby to her. “I will replace the child you have lost”, “Te Whanaupani didn’t die” she said, then Te Whanaupani’s Mum’s friend hugged her. “We will name the baby Takawhiti Te Oraiti Tawhiwhirangi Waipuke Oranoa in the memory of what happened to Te Whanaupani”.

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