Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Staying At School

The year 6 camp was on, but I didn’t go. Ane and Faaao didn’t go too, and for our reliever teacher we had Mr Somerville. Can you guess what we did while the year 6 campers were gone?.

Well....... we had 3 tasks we had to get finished. 1, we had to do our X-tra Maths everyday, 2 we had to have 100 minutes of Maths Whizz done, and 3 an animation about anything. If we didn’t finish all of these things you will have to go to Mr Somerville’s class and get everything completely finished. No matter how long it takes. Thats why I tried my hardest to finish everything.

I managed to get all of these tasks done. Animating part of the song I’m Yours by Jason Mraz, was really fun. 2 of my friends (Faaao and Ane) animated the same part of the song I’m Yours, but obviously we had to make different animations. Since I got all 3 tasks finished I got to have FREE TIME! Well..... I think everyone likes to have free time. We even got to go swimming, but I didn’t participate in it.

From what I’m hearing it sounded like camp was really good. Even though I had a good week, I will definately be going to camp next year.

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