Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fun Kids Triathlon

Can you try figure out what room 17 did down at the bottom field? If you guessed Triathlon you are correct. It was very exciting to see avanti bikes, and everything set up.

We had to do three obstacles. The first obstacle we did was sliding on the water slide 5 times, but some people and I didn’t bring our togs, so we had to run to the cone and back. We didn’t know when we had to go and get our bikes, so we kept on running until we saw someone run to transition ( transition is the place where the bikes are, and is also where we change over).

Obviously the second one we had to do was biking. We also didn’t forget our helmets“CLICK” my helmet was on my head. I raced off out of transition until I got out of there. “2 LAPS” I heard, so I pedaled as fast as I could, and it didn’t take me long to hop off my bike and start running.

“AH” running, now that was the most tiring part of all but luckily it was only one short lap. I felt exhausted and so badly wanted to stop but, I kept going. Relieved is what I felt when I crossed that finish line. It was like coming back from a very long walk. But most of all I was proud of myself for trying the “Kids Triathlon”.If you ever get to run a Triathlon or you get the offer you should because, I know one thing for sure it is really good for you. At the end every person that competed in the Triathlon got a certificate, I thought that was really kind. Brett, Mark, and Adrian was good helpers.

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