Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Oh No Day (Made Up Story)

One hot summers day my family, and I went for a stroll to the Point England beach. We couldn’t resist having a swim, so we jumped in. My Mum, and Dad was sitting on the grass chatting away, and didn’t take any notice while we were having a swim.

My 2 sisters, and I climbed onto the rock, and was just about to jump off. Then suddenly we noticed that my little Brother wasn’t making a sandcastle anymore. “Wheres Tj” said my sister.

We all panicked, then I ran to get my Mum, and Dad. They hurried down to the water, trying to see if he was there. “TJ!!!!!!” yelled Dad. But we heard no reply.

We didn’t give up looking for him, so we decided to somehow get a boat. We eventually got one, and looked around the Point England Beach area. Driving past another boat I turned, and saw my brother with my cousins. My cousins said “luckily we saw him”. We were so happy, and grateful.

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