Monday, September 10, 2012

Netbook Weekends

Do you take your netbook home? Well, I do. I am pretty lucky I can, because my sister can’t bring her’s home.

At home I wished I could reach the internet signal. This is because I like going on with my learning. Since I can’t get the internet I play Math War, Tux Typing, Tux Math’s, Tux Paint, and Quadrapassel. It gets boring after a while, so I shut down my netbook, and go do something else.

Playing on my netbook is kind of fun. I like to take photo’s from when we had a great time, like Birthdays, Christmas, New Years, and all that stuff. Sometimes I let my sisters have a turn, and they really love to draw on Tux Paint. Except for my little sister, she absolutely loves to play Tux Typing.

Taking movies of my friends, and sister’s singing is what I do when I’m over my friends house. It’s pretty funny because, when my sister and Tauwhare are arguing. Tauwhare gets mixed up with the names, so instead of saying It was Chelsea. She would say it was chauwhare. I was cracking up laughing I couldn’t really stop.

I can’t wait until this week’s weekends comes. I am going to have a lot of fun.

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