Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Making Boxes

In Room 17, we made boxes using paper. Here are the steps to making boxes. 

1: Grab a A4 paper.

2. Fold the paper from the bottom, to the top.

3. Grab one of the sides, then fold it so it meets the other side.

4. Keeping the paper on the table, fold both the long edges into the middle crease, then unfolded them.

5. After that fold the corners, so that they almost come into the middle.

6. There would be a long little piece, fold those so that they cover the corners.

7. Put one of you fingers inside, and gently pull it open.

8. Straighten up the edges, so that the box actually looks like one.

9. (Final touch). You can decorate your box with coloured paper, and make shapes to glue on your box. 

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