Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Playing Badminton

Have you ever played badminton? Every Thursdays room 15 walks to the hall to play badminton. When we went inside the hall, room 15 saw this lady which was really our coach, her name was Lorene. She is a professional player of badminton.

Lorene got us to sit down on the floor so she could tell us what or which racket we are allowed to get. Firstly she held up a very long racket and she said “if you want this racket you can come and get it”. She held up a very small racket and she said “this racket should be used by small kids until, they get the hang of it”.

Secondly she said to us “now go and get your racket”, so I rushed for the small racket. While we were getting our rackets Lorene was pulling a rubbish bin in the middle of a circle, it was not a dirty rubbish bin it was a clean rubbish bin with shuttles in it. Next she said to all of room 15 “get 1 shuttle and you are going to put it on your racket and then you are going to throw it up in the air, then gently hit it with your racket”. I heard Lorene call “SHUTTLES”, if she calls shuttles we all had to stop what we were doing and hold the shuttles.

After that we had to get 5 shuttles from the bin. Lorene said that we had to take 5 steps away from the bin, then put our shuttles down on the floor. Lorene said “you have to aim your shuttle at the bin. Then you have to push your racket towards your shuttle and try get it in the bin”. In the first round I got 2 in and every body in room 15 was competing.

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  1. Hi Taeshell. I love Badminton. You have a great post of Badminton I like how you had heaps of fun. And yes I have played Badminton before. But I think your the only year 5 that has a fantastic blog. Hope to see more posts on your blog. Love the photo. Tauwhare