Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Brilliant RWC Logo

I like my 2011 logo because it it represents fastness and, it also represents The All Blacks. First I got my Net-book out and searched on Internet for some ideas. I went to Maori patterns and I saw a very fascinating Pattern.

I grabbed my paper and started drawing it, it was a bit hard but I kept on drawing. The reason why I had chosen that pattern was because I think it was worth drawing it. When I had finished drawing that pattern I had to look for a RWC logo, so I searched it up on Internet and I found one that was magnificent.

So I started to draw it and it turned out perfect. When I had finished that I had to go over the out-line with Indian ink.

I had to use the back of the paint-brush so that the Indian ink wont get all over the place. Finally I finished going over my stunning pattern with Indian ink, I was so proud of my self. Just then I got to paint my pattern with beautiful colors.

The beautiful colors that I painted on stunning pattern were Green, Blue, Yellow and Red. I done the boarder dark Red. When I look at my pattern now it looks so brilliant.

What I like about my pattern is that it is strong and powerful.


  1. Fantastic writing as usual Taeshell. I cant wait to see your artwork/logo in class. Do you think you will add a photo of your logo on your blog?

  2. Hi Taeshell,

    Your logo looks fantastic! If I was you I would make one that makes it look strong. I really hope the All Blacks win. Great writing and you are getting so much better.