Monday, September 26, 2011

Aussie Rules

Have you ever played a game similar to rugby? This is a game full of fun. We have been learning the skills required to play Aussie Rules.

An essential piece of equipment is a Kiwi kick ball. Laces are stitched to the ball, there were different colors on the ball.

It was unpredictable when I had to kick the ball to Doris. Megan said that we have to kick the Kiwi kick ball and try to hit either, her or Mr Marks. It was awkward. Doris drop punted the ball and unexpectedly it went way over to the right side.

So if you are able to play Aussie Rules, make sure you have the right equipment. You will notice that your skills will soon be really good.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Pantz,

    Aussie rule is a great sport to play and it's so sad that it's the last week. I didn't know how to play at first but then I had gotten better and better. I like how you used the word unpredictable. keep up the outstanding work.