Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Holidays

Would you want to know what I am looking forward to be doing in the holidays? In the holidays I am going to stay up as late as I can, and draw heaps of designs on a piece of paper. I would also want to jump in my pool and stay in the pool until night time.

I like the holidays because you can do what ever you want to do but, you still have to help with the dishes and the house-work. I also like the holidays because it is days full of fun and cool things. In the holidays I would like to go somewhere cool like the movies, rainbows-end, valentines or even on a fiery to Devon-port.

I am looking forward to be getting more games for our computer. The game that we have got is called 101 Block Buster Games. This game has 101 games on it and my best one is call Little Bombers Returns.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Pantz,

    I really hope that we go to all those places too. Maybe if we be good and help clean we might goto the pools. I love it when you said that you want to stay in the pool for the whole night. Keep up the great work.