Thursday, August 7, 2014

Reading Activity- Stand Up

WALT: Make inferences and apply the text.

What is globalisation? The process of developing international influences. Also connecting people all around the world. It allows people to try different things from other countries.

What is the purpose of the words in bold? They tell us that the words are important and this page mainly reflects on those words.

Who does globalization affect? Different cultures and other people in the world. It connects people all over the world.

For what reason does it affect these people? The income for people in China is increasing and still is. It is making poor countries even poorer. People are forced into slave-like conditions. They have to work all day, every day just to be able to feed themselves and their family.

How does Globalisation give us new opportunities? Globalisation connects all races and cultures and teaches us not to be prejudiced and afraid of differences. It gives us the opportunity to talk to other people in the world as well as eating their foods, listen to their music, watch their films, read their books and buy their clothes, furniture and designs. We get things from different countries

Research how does globalisation create and increase wealth? “Globalisation not only gives us richer economies, it creates one world. it makes countries co-operate with each other”. It also helps us to be updated with the latest technology.

How might globalisation make countries cooperate with one another? It connects us with different people and cultures from all around the world. We can watch their films and listen to their music as well as eating and enjoying their food. We can also buy things they make.

Does the world need globalisation? Yes, I think that the world needs globalisation because we need to communicate more with different people all around the world and buy a range of things from different sorts of countries.

Imagine a world without it, what do you think our world would be like? I think our world would be dull. When you're sharing your business and making it active all around the world, countries would be very poor because they haven't been trading with others. They would also not be gaining a whole lot of friendship. You might like to do your own research

Who does globalisation affect? It affects the poor countries. For what reason does it affect these groups of people? Since they are creating globalisation they need more money, since they don’t have enough of it they are taking it from people in their country. People work for only a small amount of money every day, so that they can feed themselves.

Do you think globalisation is a positive or negative? It think that it is a positive thing for some countries but a negative for others. For what reason do you think this. I think this because some countries can get their income increased and have barely enough money for themselves. but others have enough money to give and also to spend on their families and themselves as well. Certain countries have big problems with money, but other don’t have any problems at all. This causes huge financial problems for people in certain countries that are poor.

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