Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Glass Boy By Melaina Faranda

WALT: Reflect on the text.

Success Criteria: I can reflect on the text from a critical perspective.

Looking at the images and colours and illustrations what vibe do we get from the text? I think that the vibe in the text is tense and sad.

Read the Bet and Predict what time period do you think this story was set in? The story was set in the morning at around the 17-1800's.

What helped you form your opinion?
I found evidence from the text. They had been working all night. Already a pale beam of light was creeping through the stone slits near the foundry roof. Soon the bells would peal for the people of venice to rise and hurry to work.

Clarify the following selected words on page 2:
Foundry- A factory or a workshop that makes metal
Maestro- A conductor
Doge- The chief of Venice or Genoa
Noble Families- Wealthy  and healthy families
Blasphemy- The offence of speaking about God or sacred things
Oath- A promise that is made

Who are the characters in the text? Pietro, Maestro Battono, Maestro Mancini
What do we know about them?
Pietro- works in the factory
Maestro Battono- Insulted one of the other workers
Maestro Mancini- Was insulted

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