Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Holiday

Can you guess what beach I went to in the holidays? Well in the holidays I went to the Point-England beach.

It was a nice and sunny day, so my mum suggested we should go. I was excited. But my sister was more excited than me.

My mum, dad, sisters, brother and I walked on the cracked shells along the foot-path. As we were walking we got to a green bridge, then we threw some rocks in the water. SPLAT!

Finally we got to the beach. I didn't want to go for a swim so I just collected shells. I was having lots of fun but then we had to go home, I didn't want to.
I felt really tired when I got home.

1 comment:

  1. Hi taeshell,
    sounds like you guys had a graet time. Cool picture by the way. What do you meen that our mum and dad craced shell, I mean did they realy crack them or did they just kick it out of the way?

    PS:And again Fantastic. From Jouan.