Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I like running on the lawn.
But I don’t like bees.

I like black jandals.
But I don’t like gumboots.

I like swinging on the monkey bars.
But I don’t like falling on the bark.
I like cooking fish fingers.
But I don’t like getting burnt.

I like spooky stories.
But I don’t like getting scared.

I like animals.
But I don’t like creepy crawly spiders.

I like sleeping.
But I don’t like waking up.

I like my comfortable bed.
But I don’t like the floor.


  1. Hi Taeshell,

    That was a very nice peice of writing. I read all of it. Well done you have inproved. Spiders are not scary their smaller than you. What do you have to be scared of?
    By for now and I will comment on your blog later.

    From Anamei

  2. Hey Teashell,
    fantastic poem. It's funny. Why don't you like gumboots? And why did you only draw the Spider rather than that great story. Talk to you again soon,

    From Jouan.