Monday, February 18, 2013

My Week 2 Writing

On Tuesday this week it was my first experience at Tamaki tech. At first I was nervous, but as I got to know the place and the teachers I wasn’t so worried. All the intermediate classes went together as a class, but our class was different half of the class would go on Tuesday, and the other half would go on Thursday.

At school I was told that Mya, and I was supposed to be in Hard Materials, but when we got there we ended up going into Graphics. I really wanted to change into a different group, but at the end I actually started to like Graphics. Our teacher is Mr/Sir Nobel Pineda, and his nationality is Filipino.

First of all our task we had to do was introduce ourselves and say what we like. Mr Nobel said that we had to use a material to describe ourselves, for example “I like rubbers because a rubber can erase all my sad emotions”, well.... something like that. Secondly we had to draw our names and decorate each letter with an animal, object, trees, flowers whatever you like and I really enjoyed doing that task.

After an hour we all walked and stood next to  food tech and waited for our teachers to come pick us up. It seemed like it was a long walk back to school, but it was only from Tamaki College back to Point England School. When we got back everyone was watching P.E.N.N which meant it was almost Morning Tea time. For my first time at Tech I would give it a 5 out of 5, I can’t wait to go back and finish off my work.

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