Monday, August 6, 2012

Starship Hospital

In the weekend my friend Tauwhare and I went to Starship Hospital to see my sister. I already knew what bus to catch because, I always go to the Hospital with my mum. But what I didn’t know was where to get off, but luckily my mum reminded me.

Anyway Tauwhare and I started walking to Glen Innes. I ran to the bus timetable and the time was 10.05, but the 625 bus was due at 11.05. To lose some time we went to Mcdonalds and brought 2 Mcmuffin combos.

Finally the bus came, it was $5.20 for both Tauwhare and me. There were heaps of seats free, but when we started getting halfway to the Hospital the bus was full of people. While we were on the bus we just kept, and kept, and kept on chatting.

Walking in the Hospital made Tauwhare feel very excited, I told her to stop it but she was so excited. Chelsea wanted to go every where, she wanted to go get something to eat, she wanted to go for walks, and she wanted to go to the Teen Lounge. But that’s good.

Staying there for 6 hours was so tiring, so me and Tauwhare said goodbye to Chelsea and walked to the bus stop. My feet was so sore, and Tauwhare felt like vomiting. We caught the 756 bus home.

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